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2017 Quartz Countertop Brand Ranking

by:KingKonree     2021-05-07

   There are many materials for countertops. For example, quartz countertops are a product with better quality and more exquisite appearance. They are more popular products in the market. When we buy quartz countertops I want to choose a relatively well-known product, so in general, which quartz stone countertop brands are better, let's introduce the 2017 quartz stone countertop brand rankings for everyone.

  2017 Quartz Stone Countertop Brand Ranking

  1, Xi Shilong (HanStone)

   Strong teamwork: HanStone (Hi Sloan) quartz stone can be of pure 'Italian descentSouth Korea's Hanwha Group, one of the top 100, invested in production.

  2: Haiyang

   Foshan Haiyang Quartz Stone Co., Ltd. is a modern joint-stock enterprise specializing in the research and development, production and sales of quartz slabs. The factory is located in the base of Chinese building materials. Known as the Nanhai District of Foshan City. In the first phase, the company put into production three fully automatic plate production lines of Hunan's top ten cultural heritages, with an annual output of more than 500,000 square meters of various high-quality quartz stone plates, kitchen countertops, and bathroom countertops.

  3, OMIK

   Guangzhou OMIK Industry Co., Ltd. is an emerging enterprise specializing in the production and processing of quartz stone. The company is based on 'unity, dedication, truth-seeking, and innovation' 'For the purpose, we give full play to the internal resources of the enterprise and the information society, so that our products are of high quality and continuous innovation. Has won the trust and support of our customers...The company integrates production, sales, processing, engineering support, maintenance and renovation integrated services, has advanced mechanical production lines, large-scale press plate production lines, plus a solid, diligent, professional A team of skilled production technicians.

  4: Sinostone

   is also a quartz stone brand located in the building materials base in Foshan, focusing on creating consumer-trusted products.

  5: PKS

   This is a quartz stone brand from Korea and an advanced brand of synthetic quartz stone.

  6: Baoguanglong

   introduces foreign advanced production technology and production process, and is currently a domestic quartz stone brand manufacturer with development potential.

  7: Telais

   'Be perfect because of professionalism

  8, Owell Owell

   was founded in 1999, one of the industries of Guangdong Oupai Group, green building materials products, product quality assured brand, Guangzhou Aowei Decoration Materials Co., Ltd.

  9, Dongxing DONGXING

  Fujian famous trademark, Fujian famous brand product, one of the most influential large-scale integrated enterprises in the stone industry, Fujian Quanzhou Nanxing Marble Co., Ltd.

  10, Jixiang ZWM

   Top ten brands of quartz stone, a member of China Building Materials Industry Association, a large-scale building material manufacturer with strong technical force, Shanghai Jixiang Building Material Group Co., Ltd.

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