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30 Hotel Chains Every Traveler Should Know

by:KingKonree     2020-10-26
Do you like basic, no.
Cheap hotels or accommodation with a balance of benefits and prices, you may have found one or two chain hotels that suit your needs
At least in America.
But what happens when you travel abroad?
We looked everywhere for the most dependent foreign chain of hotels from Mexico City to Moscow and compiled them into a nice and cheap evening on this international memo sheet (almost)
Anywhere on Earth
Consistency is the key in our search criteria --
We give priority to chain stores with reliable service, cleaning and facilities standards (
Because you can\'t always believe in hotel ratings abroad, filter out hotel ratings that are unstable or lower in price --than-
Ideal location.
But that doesn\'t mean there won\'t be some (pleasant)
Mixed surprises-
Many of our bargains also include indulgent extras like monsoon showers
Spa and design-mag-
Worth the interior.
Look for yourself: These chain hotels are stylish and the best in the world: NH opened in Pamplona, Spain in 1978, NH has developed into the world\'s top 20 Dalian locks with more than 400 properties in 26 countries from Andorra to Uruguay (
Mostly concentrated in Europe and South America).
The appearance varies from one hotel to another, but many hotels are set in historic buildings with original architectural details and are filled with stylish modern furniture: sturdy, neutral
Linen on the bed and abstract art on the wall.
NH also often has several hotels in the same destination-
So it\'s worth looking at all the options to get the best price and location.
Sample Price: from $120 NH Musica hotel Amsterdam;
NH America & America Florence starts at $114;
Starting at $143, you can buy it at NH Tango Hotel in Buenos hills. nh-hotels.
Hotel area: 400 Average size: Medium Typical location: of course, the hotel may be a biscuit-cutter (
The furniture is basic, golden. wood variety)
And the location is not very thrilling (
Most hotels are located near business district and Airport)
But the brand is absolutely easy to lock due to 24-
Hour snack bar, wireless network, but also-site parking. All 900-
In addition, outposts from continental Europe to Asia, Africa, South America, the Middle East and Australia are also serving locally --
Breakfast buffet (
French crepes, tropical fruits from Brazil, for example).
Sample Price: from $100 Ibis Prague Praha Old Town;
Ibis ant narilfo Cologne Delano starts at $117;
From $94 at Ibis Obelisco in the Argentine city of Madrid. ibishotel.
Com Properties: 919 Average size: Large Typical location: most of the 725 hotels in Mercure (
In 49 countries)
In Europe, the rest are in Australia, South America, Asia, the Middle East and Africa. The three-and four-
Star properties includes two businesses
Friendly city attractions and resorts
The latter is more likely to incorporate native design elements such as thatch.
A rooftop villa at a Bali resort or a Turkish bathroom at a Moroccan hotel. All have on-
There are restaurants in the hotel, most of which provide convenient services such as breakfast and Internet access.
Sample Price: US $104 in Montpellier center, France;
Mercure Bali Sanur resort starts at $63;
Starting from the $66 Mercure Morocco vazat hotel. mercure.
Com Properties: 725 Average size: Medium Typical location: AllTRYP at Wyndham is a boutique brand of Wyndham Group, TRYP\'s goal is to form a place where there is overlap with functionality, adventure for the city
Century amenities (
Apartment-wireless Internet access, fitness centerscreen TVs)
Streamlined aesthetics (
Hardwood floors, neutral color palette)
Legitimate social scenes (on-
Live Bar and event hall designed for mixing).
Spain, Germany, Portugal and Brazil now have the most properties, but there is one --
Markets in Europe, South America, Canada and the United StatesS.
Sample price: $79 for TRYP Valencia Azafata, Spain;
TRYP Hotel San Jose Sabana in Colombia from us $99;
$90 for a tryst in Berlin, Germany. tryphotels.
Com Properties: 91 Average size: big Typical location: City center guest rooms hotel is based in a vibrant upstart in Spain with guest rooms at outposts in Argentina, Mexico, New York and Miami,
The crowd of love: most people are on the hips, culture-
Live DJ in every community
Rotating music and a hearty breakfast buffet are served daily until noon.
Avant-garde decor-
Garde and pick up patterns for certain aspects of the reference destination. (
In Mexico City, a cartoon white Cactus stands in front of a colored mural of ceramic fish scales, while the Granada hotel is more elegant. )
Bonus: bathroom is usually spacious with WiFi
The Fi is always free.
Sample Price: US $82 Leo roommate in Granada, Spain;
Get $79 from Mexico City roommate Valentina. room-matehotels.
Com Properties: 14 Average size: Medium Typical location: City center by Region: Asia & Pacific insider consultation is particularly helpful in Asia.
There are governments in several countries.
Many of the hotel rating systems are voluntary.
The assessment is therefore unreliable.
In addition, some countriesJapan, for one—
Do not use the rating system at all.
Australia is a bit easier: they recently revised the popular rating system AAA Tourism, focusing on a combination of cleanliness, amenities and quality, not just the list of facilities.
The Japanese hotel of APA hotel resort is less ~
In this powerful national chain, nonsense is frugal.
APA is the acronym for \"always pleasant comfort\", which may refer to the traditional public bathroom according to your location (
Free for hotel guests)
, Free breakfast of bread, coffee, rice and flavored o soup, or choose between standard rooms (of the floral-
Variety of bed covers)
Or Japanese room with tatami
Mat floor for leisure.
Sample price: $ Takasaki-93 from APA hotelEkimae in Tokyo
From $93 to APA Hotel Nagasaki-
Ekiminami of Nagasaki
Starting from the $124 Hotel Villa Yudoyabashi APA in Osaka. apahotel.
Com Properties: 76 Average size: AllCentara Hotel & Resort in a Large Typical location with luxury pool deck
Onsite spa and concierge services under Centara brand (
Largest in Thailand)
Even if they were not, they all felt like pieces.
From Chiang Mai to Krabi, as well as Maldives, Bali, Vietnam and the Philippines, you will find them at most of the country\'s major tourist destinations.
The brand includes several sons.
Category: Five-
Stars Centara Grand and Centara Boutique Collection are expensive, so stick to four
Star Centara and three-
Star Centra offers the same quality at a better price.
Keep an eye out for deals when you book --
Usually, the online rate is much lower (
Up to 60%)
Than the standard published price.
Sample Price: from $46 Centara Hotel, Taiwan, du \'An, Chiang Mai;
Villa Centara Phuket from $81;
Central Bali Seminyak hotel starts at $62.
Centara Hotel resort.
Com Properties: 55 Average size: Medium/Large Typical location: all greentree Inns you can expect this fast whether you are in Beijing or Nanjing
More and more Chinese chain hotels offer clean and comfortable rooms with free WiFi, TV and basic facilities, all conveniently located in the university, train station and conference center.
Sample Price: from $34, Spring Hotel, Tuanjie Lake, Beijing;
From $24 Chengdu People\'s Park Hotel;
Shenzhen Huaqiang North Express Hotel starts at $29. 998.
Property: 300 Average size: big Typical location: all Lemon Tree hotels looking to set up a family base in one of India\'s big cities can take full advantage of the rising chain of lemon trees.
The hotel was originally designed for business travelers.
But you won\'t know it at a glance.
The room was cheerful (
Colorful bedspread, colorful expressionist and abstract artwork)and well-equipped (
Free bottled water, LCD TV, jetted tub
Pretty good pool in almost every hotel.
There are even some affordable resorts --
One in Goa, one near Lake Vembanad.
Women traveling alone can book a \"lemon tree days\" room on a woman --
There are only corridors and additional services such as foot massage.
Sample price: $72 lemon tree electronic city, Bangalore;
Lemon Tree amalante beach resort in Goa starts at $138;
Lemon Tree hotel in Chennai starts at $94.
Lemon Tree Hotel.
Com Properties: 15 Average size: Typical location for medium/large size: except for three five-
\"Art Series\" hotels (
Slightly higher interest rate-
And style business)
This Australian.
Own chain with its reliable, intermediate-of-the-
Rooms and lots-
Dream Bed-pillow-
Top Digital made of breathable latex
More important than fashion prosperity
Founded in 1988, the brand has properties throughout the continent and properties in New Zealand, Dubai and London.
Sample price: $191 Rydges World Square, Sydney;
Rydges South Park in Adelaide starts at $138;
From $106 in Rydges Hobart;
$170 from the south bank of Rydges in Brisbane. rydges.
Com Properties: 40 Average size: big Typical location: all tune Hotel in this Malaysian chain (
There are several outposts in Bali, Thailand, the Philippines and London)
You got what you paid-literally.
Cheap though.
Bottom of room (
In many cases, singles are less than $20)
You will charge a standard fee for many other hotels (TV and Wi-
The price of Fi is about $7.
$50 for 24 hours while air conditioning, shower gel and towels from $5-
$15 depending on location).
The bright room, though, is more than 250-thread-
Room service and 24-hour room servicehour security.
Book in advance and you may even be very luckylimited-
$1 per night.
Sample price: $18 Tune Hotel, downtown Penang;
Starting at $30, the Tune Hotel in Downtown slope;
$20 from Kita Hotel Bali. tunehotels.
Com Properties: 20 Average size: Large Typical location: European city center while there is a fairly reliable hotel rating system in the UK, ratings used by many other European countries are far less predictable and
For example, French hotels earn stars not based on quality, but on the presence of certain functions (air-
For example, air conditioning and bathroom facilities)
In Italy, the Hotel earns a star by changing sheets once a week.
Dedeman Hotel & Resort was established in 1966 and currently has hotels and resorts in Turkey, Bulgaria and Uzbekistan.
Rooms are more comfortable than cut-
Edge, but the hotel has a bonus worth it, such as Turkish bath, indoor/outdoor pool, and a variety of accommodation options
Dine on site, drink and even dance.
Sample price: $147 for Dedeman Ankara, Turkey;
$88 deman Silk Road in Tashkent, Uzbekistan;
From $169 at Dedeman Istanbul. dedeman.
Typical location: no one in downtown hotel-com Properties: 16 Average size: Large
The advantage of the Spanish chain hotel trick pony is its diverse roster of hotels, each defined by the type of experience a traveler may want.
In Barcelona alone, you can choose from almost 24 completely different Husa options --
The 12 brands of their strategic city \"city\"
Central settings, five in the higher version
End the level of \"luxury.
Other categories of accommodation include holidays 」(
Resorts such as connier Park on the Atlantic Coast),\"Well Being\" (serenity-
A focal point like Sante Burnett in the Monte Seni mountains, surrounded by woods and gardens)
And \"mountain \"(
Cottage in Busby Valley with lobby fireplace and indooroutdoor pools).
However, you will find it in all hotels
Well-priced rooms decorated with old channel details
World charm: leather, velvet and Woodpaneling.
You often find top-
Excellent fitness center, restaurant and spa.
Sample price: $78 at Husa Bonanova Park, Barcelona;
At $67, Husa Conil Park in Conil;
Get $117 from The Sante Burnett hotel in the montseni mountains;
Starting at $112, Bassibé Lodge is located in the Valley of Al \'an Mountain. husa.
Es Properties: 101 Average size: big Typical Location: AllJurys Inn Location is the key to Jurys Inn hotel in England, Ireland and Scotland (
Add one in Prague.
They don\'t take too much risk in decorating.
Most palettes unfold around gray or brown
But the rooms are spacious and the hotel has
On-site restaurant and consistent, professional service.
Sample price: $78 from Jurys Inn Cork;
Juris Hotel Prague starts at $87;
Jurys Inn in Glasgow starts at $104;
Liverpool Eureka Hotel starts at $98. jurysinns.
Typical location: the strength of the small French chain of hotels in the city center is simple: solid, three-
The price of star rooms in some of Europe\'s most expensive cities is reasonable (
Paris and Geneva).
The hotel is mainly located near the business suburb or conference center and transportation hub. The facilities include parking lot, wireless network and
Site restaurant with breakfast buffet. (
Depending on the hotel, they can also serve dinner and lunch. )
The front desk is open 24 hours a day and most guest rooms are equipped with mini bars.
Sample price: $103 from Paris central hotel;
The hotel is located in the middle of Geneve Aeroport for $116. medianhotels.
Average size: Medium/Large Typical location: Airport/high speed motel Com Properties: 5
The friendly price is the symbol of this German brand, with more than 30 hotels in Germany, one in Vienna and one in Scotland, and dozens in preparation (
Places including Edinburgh, Brussels and Krakow).
No matter which one you visit, you will be in each: Mid-century-
Damask style Egg chair
Wallpaper with patterns and lots of turquoise decorations.
Ten years later, it may not look like it is now, but now, the interior decorations strike a good balance between fun and Polish sex. Free Wi-
Amenities include a TV, a flat-screen TV and a monsoon shower.
The price per hotel starts at $65. motel-one.
Com Properties: 39 Average size: big Typical location: very affordable city center hotel in a famous expensive area, check in ü ber-
The Scandinavian region is consistent.
From one hotel to another, the rooms are almost the same: all rooms have a sleeping area with a double bed, a separate sitting area (
There are two armchairs folded into extra beds), an en-
Suite bathroom, TV, mini
Fridge and microwave.
One drawback: no staff
Therefore, guests can check in using a security code from their online booking and contact the remote \"reception\" by phone for any questions.
Prices for all properties start at $60. omenahotels.
Typical location: City center Premier Hotel This is the fastest-
The UK\'s growing budget brand shows that there are more than 600 hotels near cities, airports and highways, and almost always a top hotel nearby.
With this kind of presence, they really don\'t need to provide much else, but they are still improving on a bare basis
Model bone motel. King-
Bathroom with bathtub and shower (standard facilities)
Not always a given in Europe)
Most hotels have their own restaurants and bars.
Sample Price: from $52, Superior Hotel Dublin Airport;
From $95, Premier Plymouth East, Plymouth, England.
Premier travelinn.
Com Properties: 600 Average size: big Typical location: AllSORAT Hotels this German chain hotel is full of decoration: at the Brandenburg hotel, you will find a leather sofa in the lobby and a library in the restaurant.
Armchairs with soft cushions and frame drawings of sheep, the IBB Hotel Elford is a medieval hotel with exposed beams.
However, what they all share is reasonable price, reliable service and no. too-big, not-too-
Small size, perfect for those who don\'t like B & Bs or plain business hotels.
Sample price: $68 sunes Hove Solat Nuremberg;
Ambassador Solat hotel in Berlin starts at $66;
The IBB Hotel in Elford costs $79. sorat-hotels.
Typical location: City Center hotel with affordable price and style-
And personality
From this Italian brand.
You can register on the 16 th.
Palace of the century Florence, 2001-
Inspiration space in central Bologna, white walls, main-
Color Accent and space
The Times Globe, or a historic hotel in Sicily, has updated the modern styleBaroque décor.
Sample price: $137 from Hotel Victoria Luna Florence;
The Venice Luna Hotel in Venice starts at $152;
From the $144 hotel in Modena Una;
Hotel Luna Rome starts at $162. unahotels.
It attributes: 26 average sizes: Medium Typical locations: all rating systems in Mexico and South America tend to be decentralized (
Different standards for different types of accommodation)or surface-
Facilities are considered only, service and quality are not considered.
However, in Mexico you will find that the AAA Diamond rating you see in the US is the sameS.
Each of this local Peruvian hotel chain has its own style and charm --
It reflects its unique location, whether in the Sacred Valley or on the shore of Lake Kaza.
The brand is divided into private collections, select and classic hotels, which are the most affordable.
Choose a rustic style that includes a rustic style
Classic style Casa Andina in Colca with clay-
Stone Lodge with roof top and its own planetarium and Observatory;
Located in the Casa Andina Classic of Koricancha, Cusco is located in two adjacent colonial estates.
Sample price: $142 from Cusco curichancha;
Get $120 from San Antonio Flores hotel in Lima;
Starting from $92 in Puno tikalani hotel in Puno. casa-andina.
Com Properties: 20 Average size: Medium Typical location: the budget for downtown/resort Mexico may not be very romantic-friendly chain—
The hotel is usually located near the airport or other transportation hub-
But the rooms are bright and streamlined, the furniture is one step higher than Ikea, and men will also enjoy extra treatment.
There are many facilities in the hotel, including free breakfast, WiFi and parking lot.
There is a laundry station on site. Rates from $50. onehotels.
Com Properties: 16 average sizes: Large Typical locations: Airport/Highway safrica and Middle East on the continent, efforts are being made to standardize ratings.
Tourism Grading Commission of South Africa (TGSCA)
Modified quality-
Facing the rating system last year, resulting in lower ratings for many edge attributes;
The rating will be reviewed once a year.
Malawi launched its first rating system in 2010, the East African Community (
Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi)
Efforts are under way to establish a unified rating system.
Abu Dhabi launches five new items for the first time
The star system of 2011, although there are some super
Luxury hotels in the area declare themselves 6-or 7-Star property.
This South African brand hotel is divided into four categories: One-
Star Road Lodge, 2-
Star City Inn, 3-
Star City Inn and 4-Star courtyard.
It\'s no surprise that the courtyard is the most charming option, with studios and suites with kitchenettes to choose from, which helps offset the higher night rate (
The price of Courtyard by Marriott Cape Town shows that the promotion price per night is $139).
Still, most of the hotels under the brand have-
Live restaurant and WiFi, even one-
24-star attractions available
Hour service, breakfast, and the pool in some cases.
Sample Price: from $146 Courtyard by Marriott Cape Town;
From $158 in Durban City Inn. citylodge. co.
Typical location: City center hotels Africa\'s largest hotel group, Protea has properties in eight countries-
Kenya, Tanzania, Namibia, Zambia, Nigeria, Uganda, South Africa and Malawi --
And an outpost in London.
From Country Inn and mountain resort to seaside resort and City-chic spots.
Hotels in the city are often more avant-garde.
There\'s a purple pool table here.
There are pink lights there. while the out-of-
City properties are more likely to feature local art or old art
Vintage canopy bed and flowers
Upholstered furniture.
Sample price: USD PH. 131, Winde, Namibia, and keshenhof;
$165 from Cape PH Castle in Cape Town. proteahotels.
Com Properties: 120 Average size: Medium Typical location: Rotana group has grown to include Egypt, Lebanon, UAE, Syria, Kuwait, Qatar, etc since Abu Dhabi beach in 1993;
By the end of 2012, the total number of properties in various price categories on their roster should exceed 70.
\"Young and fresh\" Centro sub
Brands are the most budget. friendly—
Even these properties feel very upscale due to features like floorsto-
Flat ceiling windows
Television and marble TVtopped desks. On-
All the necessary facilities, including a full-service gym and a rooftop pool, will make you feel comfortable and pleasant in the hotel.
Sample price: $116 from barbarsha, Dubai;
From $81 to Centro Al Manhal in Abu Dhabi. rotana.
Com Properties: 70 Average size: big Typical location: AllPlus: 5 new hotel brands
Eaton Hotel is the brand of Langham Luxury Hotel. it is divided into Eaton Smart Hotel and Eaton luxury hotel. There is also an Eaton House apartment in Hong Kong: Eaton smart hotel.
The hotel has a restaurant, a gym or a swimming pool, while the Eaton luxury hotel has an increase of 24-
Room service and free Internet access
This is the aesthetics seen directly from the page of the Pottery Barn catalogue.
Eaton luxury at present (Shanghai)
And two Eaton wisdom (
Airports in Hong Kong and New Delhi. )
In the next two years, more products will be opened in China and in Bali in 2014.
Sample Price: US $107 at Eaton Luxury Hotel, Shanghai;
Eaton Smart sells for $142 in Hong Kong. eatonhotels.
Com Properties: 4 average sizes: Large Typical location: Thailand\'s luxury Dusit brand is popular for its stylish boutique sub
Brand dusitD2-
Focus, more wallets
Friendly than its only brothers and sisters.
With resort-
Benefits worth enjoying, such
Spa services, a spacious pool terrace, and concierge services are available.
There are currently only two dusitD2 locations-
One is in central Chiang Mai and the other is near Pattaya Beach
Two more at work (
New Delhi and Pasadena, California. )
Sample price: $130 from Chiang Mai. dusit. com/dusit-
D2 Hotels: 2 Average size: Medium/Large Typical location: the first outpost of resutcitizenm Citizen M at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport completely changed the concept of transit hotels
Now, the budget brand has been extended to the city center (
Currently in Amsterdam and Glasgow, London and New York are also on the road).
Their \"affordable luxury\" concept appears in the 24-equipped with Ames recliner and-
Wake-up with color mood lighting in the hour canteen and guest room-up calls, in-
Room Movies, thermostats, and even blinds can be controlled from the same height
Remote control of technical \"mood pad.
Sample price: $92 in Amsterdam;
From $94 in Glasgow. citizenm.
Com Properties: 3 average sizes: big Typical location: All big sleep hotels have their floral Orla Kiely wallpaper, soft accents and claw-foot basin
Hotel chain (
One in Wales, two in England)
Probably more suitable for girlfriends than stag deer weekend
However, some rooms are indeed blue, and the price of family suites is incomparable (
Double bed with bunk beds in Cardiff starting at $55).
Flat-screen TVs in all rooms
TV, coffee/tea maker, wireless network, broadband (for a fee)
Breakfast buffet is included.
Starting price: from $46.
Thebigsleep hotel.
Com Properties: 3 average sizes: Medium Typical location: City center hotels inspired by MoDand modular—The first design
Aircraft cabin of four branches of YOTEL\'s (
There are three airports in London and Amsterdam, one in the west end of New York City)
Extremely compact rooms (aka \"cabins\")with fold-
Desk, apartment-
Some rooms also feature flat-screen TVs and bunk beds.
Free wireless Internet access, kitchenette in lobby, dining area-
Website, charged by hour.
Sample price: $113 for 24 hours in London Gatwick;
Amsterdam Schiphol $99 24 hours. yotel.
Com Properties: 4 Average size: Medium Typical location: Airport/Highway see more Budget Travel: 12 elevators
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