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all about cast iron teapots in culture and the arts

by:KingKonree     2020-04-29
The cast iron teapot is also known as tetsubin in Japan.
This is a traditional Japanese teapot.
The material used to make the teapot is cast iron, which is not the original discovery of the Japanese.
The Chinese first used this valuable material and later introduced it to the Japanese in the 1600 s.
This was during the popularity of sencha, a formal tea ceremony using really loose tea leaves.
Due to the high price of Chinese tea sets, the Japanese have to do something entirely by themselves.
This is how the Japanese teapot was born. It was only a way to boil water before.
However, it has evolved into a cast iron teapot that is carefully designed, layered and beautifully matched with other metals.
Cast iron teapot is becoming more and more famous for its popularity.
Tea is a good way to detoxify.
This is a natural way to get rid of toxins that hurt your body.
On the other hand, cast iron cookware also has many benefits for health.
This is why the cast iron teapot is often used.
They sucked a small amount of iron into the water to fill it with minerals.
When you drink tea, you will immediately replenish the iron that your body needs badly.
It also enhances the natural flavor of various teas.
This ensures you can have a delicious beer every time.
The cast iron teapot is able to distribute heat very evenly throughout the tea.
In addition, you can keep the tea warm for a longer period of time.
This is because the cast iron keeps the heat well.
In this way, you don\'t have to worry about the cold tea.
It also conducts heat well.
It takes advantage of its conduction ability to bring out the unique, exotic taste of each tea, allowing you to appreciate the taste more.
Most importantly, you don\'t have to waste time getting back to the kitchen to re-heat because the tea is getting cold.
The use of cast iron teapot is not limited to the kitchen.
You know, the teapot is very well designed.
Some of them are even gold or copper.
Some can be decorated with different kinds of stones, while others are beautifully painted.
If you remember, these are an identity symbol in the traditional era, so look forward to finding these in beautiful designs.
This allows the cast iron teapot to be used as a decorative design in any room.
They can be the starting point for any conversation and are always a pleasant group of people.
You don\'t even need to clean it often, maintenance is a breeze.
Explore the possibility of drinking tea.
Follow the advice of people who know tea.
Cast iron teapot is the only option if you want to do bettertasting tea.
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