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Anhua Sanitary Ware frees up thinking and enjoys the experience of human and water

by:KingKonree     2021-05-16

As early as the first century B.C., Archimedes’ bathtub released physics thinking. As the source of life, water has never hesitated to show its vitality. Water has inspired the thinking of scholars with its soft nourishment and moisturizing. Today, masters of bathroom use modern technology to inject new vitality into water, allowing water to form skin affinity with you in various forms, densities and strengths, creating human hydration. Bathing pleasure.

Anhua Sanitary Massage Bath anC038Q

Anhua Sanitary Ware specializes in manufacturing high-quality sanitary ware and ancillary products. As a Chinese sanitary ware** brand, Anhua Sanitary Ware uses water with unique ingenuity. Anwar Sanitary Ware’s 9 core clean technologies are poured into the product details. Numerical control chips are implanted in the massage bathtub, and the application of 'Smart Washing TechnologyBathing brings an extraordinary experience, and various functions make the vitality of water play to its extreme.

Cold and hot water are both suitable

Turn the cold and hot water switches respectively to turn the hot and cold water from maximum to off. Matching and deploying to a satisfactory water temperature, the switch can send the prepared hot water to the portable shower or the water waterfall respectively.

Colorful waterfall

After the cold and heat are reconciled, the hot water with constant temperature flows continuously from the water inlet waterfall or the water tap into the bathtub. After the bathtub is filled with water, the colorful underwater spotlight will Add color to your bath and illuminate your underwater world.

Oxygen-enriched massage

The spray angle and spray force can be adjusted at will. Combined with the bubble massage system, the compressed air generated by the air pump is sprayed from the bubble nozzle through the pipeline to different acupoints on the human body. Perform massage to achieve blood circulation and relieve fatigue.

Automatic sewage disposal

The high-quality double water purifier with automatic sewage discharge function, coupled with the reasonable arrangement of the pipes, when the bathtub is drained after use, the system can drain the pipes The stagnant water is automatically discharged clean, eliminating health hazards.

The bottom of the tank is non-slip

The bathtub is made of high-brightness acrylic, which is beautiful and durable. The bottom is equipped with delicate anti-skid technology, which makes you more relaxed and relaxed during the bathing process. , More comfortable.

Leakage protection

The power cord is equipped with a leakage protection switch plug, which is sensitive, accurate and reliable. Together with the leakage protection air switch before the massage tub enters the line, double protection, double protection Warranty makes you feel at ease surfing and rest assured.

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