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Are kitchen marble countertops harmful? How to reduce the harm of kitchen marble countertops

by:KingKonree     2021-04-26

Generally speaking, the radiation hazard of marble countertops is very small, almost negligible, but if you accidentally choose inferior marble countertops, that may not be the case. But don't worry, let's first learn a few tricks to reduce radiation.

How to reduce the hazards of kitchen marble countertops

When buying stone, be sure to figure out the radioactivity and harmful gas indicators of the stone , Keep indoor ventilation when using. Only open windows for ventilation to reduce hazards. Placing some plants is also helpful for fresh air. Please pay attention to choosing suitable ones to grow indoors, such as:

Aloe: Aloe has a certain effect of absorbing peculiar smell, and also has the effect of beautifying the room; Beautiful and eye-catching on the kitchen marble countertops.

Cactus, Lingjian lotus, and fairy refer to: When the TV or computer is turned on in the room, the negative oxygen ions will decrease rapidly. The stomata on the fleshy stems of these plants are closed during the day and opened at night. While absorbing carbon dioxide, they release oxygen, increasing the concentration of negative ions in the indoor air.

Green fruit-bearing plant bonsai: Fruit is the best deodorant, such as pears, oranges, cantaloupe, small pumpkins, etc. Put the fruit-bearing plant bonsai on the marble countertop, which is environmentally friendly, scented and natural , But also good for health.

How to maintain the kitchen marble countertop

1. When cutting vegetables, you should put a cutting board on it, otherwise it will be unsightly Scratches and dull the cutting edge. If you accidentally leave a knife mark, you can use 240-400 grit sandpaper to gently wipe the surface according to the depth of the knife mark, and then use a scouring pad to treat it again.

2. The surface of the countertop should be kept as dry as possible to avoid long-term immersion in water to prevent the countertop from being deformed by opening the glue. For marble countertops, prevent the bleach and scale in the water from making the countertop lighter and affecting its appearance.

3. Prevent strong chemicals from contacting the countertop, such as paint remover, metal cleaner, stove cleaner, methylene chloride, acetone (nail polish remover), strong acid cleaner, etc. If you accidentally come into contact with the above items, immediately wash the surface with plenty of soapy water. If the nail polish is stained, wipe it with an acetone-free cleaning agent (such as thinner, alcohol), and then rinse with water.

4. There are more scratches on the countertop due to different reasons, or the appearance is affected by the longer use time (1 to 2 years). You can ask professional and technical personnel for professional treatment.

The black sands marble of kitchen marble countertops

1. The black sands marble is very resistant to wear, and Its strength is also relatively large, and the decoration effect is as luxurious as jade. The black gold sand marble with small gold dots and medium gold dots is more suitable for use in the decoration of homes and villas. It can also be used for decoration. Window sills, cabinet countertops, bar stools decoration.

2. The price of black sands marble is higher than that of ordinary marbles and its excellent performance is also one of the reasons why black sands marble is more expensive than ordinary marbles, because the density of black sands marble is very high Therefore, the abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance of black sands marble is very good, and it is also very resistant to impact. Normal intensity impact will not cause any damage to it, so many designers hope to use it in cabinets. On the countertop.

Finally, I want to remind everyone that the quality of Black Jinsha Marble on the market is relatively uneven, so consumers must Choose carefully. It is best to shop around and comprehensively evaluate before choosing and buying.

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