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Bathroom decor is the overall look and feel of

by:KingKonree     2020-09-12

When designing a bathroom, it never hurts to get some advice that will create a different perspective on the final outcome of the design. As part of the research process for a bathroom project, a homeowner should take a look at as many ideas as possible before determining which suggestions would best suit his project and his home.

- Wall Space

Utilizing wall space can be a great way to free up space in other parts of the bathroom, help to organize the bathroom and bring together various elements of the bathroom decor. One way to use wall space is to install small hooks and storage elements on the walls near the vanity as places to put toothbrushes, toothpaste and hang razors. This frees up space on the vanity and creates a cleaner look.

Decorated wall space can be utilized just as much as plain wall space. It would add a lot of interest to the design of a bathroom if the wall elements such as shelves and hooks all shared the same intricate design as the wallpaper or painted pattern on the wall behind those elements.

- Drawer and Closet Organization

Some elements of bathroom decor can be practical as well as attractive. A bathroom vanity drawer can be a place where items used on a daily basis are stored but in a very disorganized fashion. Installing vanity drawer dividers will allow a homeowner to keep important items separate and also more accessible in the mornings.

Linen closets can also have an organizational shelving system installed that will keep towels and washcloths separate, while offering a small area to hang towels. This can be helpful in smaller bathrooms where there is a linen closet but not a lot of room to hang towels to dry.

- Toiletry Caddies

Everyone that uses the bathroom develops their own routines that can sometimes involve moving the toothpaste or shaving cream around. To reduce confusion and assist people in their morning routines there can be a toiletry caddy hung on the back of the bathroom door. To help with the bathroom decor, the caddy can be the same color as the door or the walls. It can be something as functional as a terrycloth toiletry caddy that can be purchased from a catalog, or something more creative such as a cloth tool carrier that is converted into a toiletry caddy.

- Hangers in the Medicine Cabinet

The more that items in the bathroom can be organized, the easier it is for everyone to use the bathroom. Small metal or wooden hangers in the mounted in the medicine cabinet wall and door can help the bathroom's decor by giving an organized look to the cabinet. Scissors, medical tape and other items can be hung where they are easily accessible as opposed to placed in a jumbled mess on the floor of the cabinet.

Bathroom decor is as much about functionality as it is about looks. The best ideas for decorating your bathroom are often the same ideas that help make your bathroom easier to use.

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