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Brand list of artificial stone cabinet countertops

by:KingKonree     2021-05-01

  Artificial stone cabinet countertop is a cabinet countertop product that is more popular among consumers in the market. When we are shopping, we all want to buy a relatively well-known brand. There are many artificial stone cabinet countertops on the market, so what are the more well-known brands of artificial stone cabinet countertops? Let’s take a look at the artificial stone cabinet countertops. The leaderboard of it.

  Man-made stone cabinet countertop brand ranking


  From the United States DuPont, DuPont is the world's chemical industry' One of the 'Four King Kong' is the inventor and pioneer of artificial stone. The history of the development of the world's artificial stone industry is basically the history of Corian's promotion. From the early popularization of pure acrylic knowledge, consumers talk about artificial stone. When it came to acrylic, and later introduced corrugated sheets and translucent sheets, Corian was the forerunner. In developed countries such as Europe and the United States, Corian stands out, but in China only high-end consumer groups can accept it.


   is from South Korea’s Samsung company. Many people only know about Samsung Electronics, but they didn’t expect Samsung to make artificial stones. In fact, Samsung is an economic symbol in South Korea. From news newspapers, to hospitals and hotels, to electronic machinery, all aspects of Korean life are related to Samsung, so we don’t have to be surprised that Samsung Electronics and Samsung Electronics are the same? Xingrong is based on the appeal of the Samsung brand. The world is recognized.


   is from South Korea’s LG company, which is very similar to the development of Sanxingrong, so we have to admire the history of Koreans doing business. Harm, unite together to make a big brand, and then under the big tree to enjoy the cool, give birth to many sub-brands, the Sun brand.


  Monterey countertops, the representative of domestic artificial stone countertops, originally wanted to be positioned in the international market, but in the fiercely competitive environment at that time, they lost to other domestic artificial stone. After the acquisition of foreign brands, it repositioned itself in the domestic high-end market and developed well.


  生美台面 is one of the few brands that has survived the chaotic circle of domestic artificial stone, but it seems that the company has Consider transformation.


   ECCOM countertops, originally an enterprise producing resin, resin is the main material of artificial stone, so it has a great advantage in raw materials and is positioned in the low-end , Development is rapid, and the sales system is spread all over the country.

   auspicious ZWM——Shanghai Jixiang Building Material Group Co., Ltd.

   Quartz Stone Top Ten Brands, a member unit of China Building Materials Industry Association, a large-scale building material manufacturer with strong technical force, Shanghai Jixiang Building Material Group Co., Ltd.

  Polystone——Zhuhai Polystone Building Material Technology Co., Ltd.

  In 1998,    is a very influential brand in the artificial stone industry and a national key high-tech enterprise Faersheng Hongsheng Under the group, Zhuhai Polystone Building Material Technology Co., Ltd.

  Ou Athens ORDAN

   Foshan City Shunde District Ou Athens Building Material Products Co., Ltd., a well-known (famous) quartz stone brand, selected by the Beijing Olympic venue Water Cube Products, one of the earliest domestic enterprises specializing in Ru0026D, design, production and sales of integrated kitchens and artificial stone, a 'pure aluminum powder' logo enterprise in China's artificial stone industry, and a comprehensive modern enterprise.

   Fujia Stone

   Dongguan Fujia Stone Building Materials Co., Ltd., a well-known (famous) quartz stone brand, an outstanding partner of Aluminum Corporation of China, a governing unit of the artificial stone professional committee, integrating Ru0026D, production, A high-tech enterprise selling solid surface materials, adopts American advanced technology and foreign high-quality raw and auxiliary materials, and adopts international technological processes to ensure international top-level products.


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