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Children love to play in the water and sometimes

by:KingKonree     2020-06-15
Baby Safety Dangers in the Bathroom There are various aspects that you need to be careful about. Slipping is a common hazard that many of us have experienced at times. It is natural that a little bit of carelessness can sometimes result in a fall. Another danger that presents itself in the bathroom is the toilet. Even though the water seems too little, babies have been known to topple over with their top heavy bodies and drown themselves. Sharp edges or broken parts of the granite or flooring can also cause serious concerns. Shampoos, soaps and scrubbing agents that are commonly kept in the cabinet below sink are quite accessible for children too. Last but not the least, the temperature of the water needs to be monitored carefully and controlled to avoid scalding. Baby Safety Products for the Bathroom - Spouts The tap and the water mixer can sometimes be a source of injury. This can happen if the baby accidentally turns his head without realizing that the water spout is so close. You can use rubber water spout covers that allow the water to flow but cover the spout so as to avoid injuries. These come in attractive colors too. - Bath tubs Slippages in the bath tub are also very common because babies tend to get excited when they are in water. Even those who are otherwise not too fond of bathing tend to move a lot during bath time making it impossible to keep them under control at all times. Using an anti-slip mat or a stool with suction cups can help in avoiding any kind of slippage. - Slippery floors or feet Even if the bathroom floor is completely dry, the feet are wet when a child comes out of a bath tub. This is something that can be avoided by keeping a rug or a bath mat right outside the bath tub. - Toilet seat Latches or locks are available for toilet seat covers so that your baby does not accidentally fall in one. Other Bathroom Baby Safety Aspects You should always ensure that the water heater is set to a maximum of 120 degree Fahrenheit so that under no circumstances can your baby get scalded. Ensure that there is no water spillage at any time since the water can come in contact with some electrical device and cause electrocution. Bathrooms are known to be notorious for accidents even for adults and therefore it is essential that you make sure that the bathroom is safe for your baby at all times. If you are running the bath for yourself, keep the bathroom door locked from the outside and ensure that the baby cannot reach it or open it.
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