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Do you know the six best ways to clear dead corners in the bathroom?

by:KingKonree     2021-06-26


The toilet is especially prone to breed bacteria because it is kept in a humid state for a long time. Therefore, it is very necessary to keep the bathroom clean and dry, but housewives often report that it is very difficult to clean the dead corners of the bathroom.

Today, the editor will give you some tips.

Teach you to easily remove dead corners in the bathroom~

Sinking station

The sink is used the most frequently and gets the fastest dirty. When cleaning, you can sprinkle some soda or salt, or apply the detergent directly to the dirt. After a while, after the dirt is dissolved, scrub with a scouring pad and water to make the washbasin as bright as new.

Toilet lid

The yellow stains on the toilet lid are inevitable. To restore whiteness, you can spray foaming in the toilet first. Dirt agent, and then roll the old stockings on the cleaning brush to brush, you can completely remove the dirt in the toilet.

Shower nozzles

The shower nozzles are also easy to hide dirt and dirt, so cleaning the nozzles is also very important. After showering at night, pour half a cup of white vinegar in the basin, add some water, and then remove the shower head and soak it in the vinegar solution. The next morning, the shower head will be completely clean.

Bathroom mirror

For a long time, the bathroom mirror will adhere to dirt on the surface and affect its use. For cleaning, wipe the mirror surface with a cloth dampened with detergent, rinse with a watering can, and finally wipe it dry. The serious dirt can be removed with alcohol.

The faucet

The faucet is easy to be oxidized and covered with a layer of adhesion after long-term use. Use the leftover lemon to scrub the faucet, and then rinse with water, that is Can wipe off dirt. You can try toothpaste on the darkened area on the faucet, and there will surely be satisfactory results.

Tile joints

For moldy tile joints in the bathroom, use a stain remover with bleaching effect and apply it to the moldy area. After about 30 minutes, use a waste toothbrush to clean it. .

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