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ELLAI Yilai: Light and shadow enter the Expo, shine on the international stage

by:KingKonree     2021-05-23

The CIIE site

On November 5th, ELLAI Yilai Sanitary Ware and Unilever joined hands at the first China International Import Expo, creating a place close to nature and close to life. Comfortable bathroom living space, simple and practical bathroom cabinets, smart toilets with elegant appearance, and elegant concubine bathtubs are embellished with daily necessities, which are full of scenes, allowing consumers to experience comfortable bathroom life from zero distance.

Yilai bathroom cabinet is not young

The bathroom space created by ELLAI Yilai and Unilever at the CIIE is very important for the pursuit of quality of life and aesthetics of life. For people, it can be called a visual feast, attracting a large audience.

Smart is one of the themes of this year's CIIE. With the advent of the smart era, smart homes are taking advantage of the trend. Smart toilets, as standard products for smart homes, have been sought after by many families.

Yilai smart toilet

With nearly 20 years of professional service in Europe and America, the smart toilet launched by ELLAI is simple and practical, and pays attention to humanistic details. It is a combination of technology and art. In addition to the practical functions such as warm air drying, seat heating, and automatic cleaning of smart toilets on the market, it has a unique appearance, elegant and extreme, and it combines beauty and comfort.

Yilai bathroom cabinet Sanskrit sound

Yilai bathroom cabinet idyll

Extremely simple, beautiful and practical , ELLAI Yilai Sanitary Ware advocates a simple and natural lifestyle, pursues quality in details, and only enjoys the original beauty of life.

Yilai Bathtub

Walking into the first CIIE this time is not only an affirmation of the strength and quality of Yilai’s brand, but also for Yilai The original design injects a strong force, strengthens everyone's confidence in Chinese quality and Chinese design, strengthens the original intention of Yilai, brings higher-quality products to domestic consumers, and brings everyone a comfortable and healthy bathroom space experience.

The splendor of the CIIE continues

Shanghai National Exhibition and Convention Center Hall 6.1

Yilai is waiting for you!

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