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Entering dorm life is an exciting experience for your teen

by:KingKonree     2020-06-26
There are many choices in dorm furniture. The choices will depend on the basic requirements of your teen. If your daughter is going to share her dorm room, then she can choose a stylish and trendy theme for the room decor. Choose girly colors like pinks and purples for the dorm room. Add quirky and fun wall decor and pretty paper lanterns for a personal touch. For the curtains, choose a vivid hue like fluorescent green or bright blue to contrast the walls and other accessories. Beaded curtains with faux crystal beads also make for dramatic window treatments for girls' rooms. Teenage guys can go for subtle colors or even dark colors like black and blue to achieve a classic and laidback look. A dorm room is incomplete without the most essential dorm furniture - the bed. Choose the bed according to your teen's tastes. Since most dorms rooms are small, selecting a single bed can help maximize space and give it a feeling of spaciousness. It is best to opt for a single bed that offers ample space underneath for storing not only bedding but also extra clothes and other dorm necessities. As far as the sheet sets are concerned, go for sheets in floral, striped and checkered patterns. If you are going for a particular theme, the sheet sets can have motifs that depict the theme. Boys can select sheet sets in solid colors or patterns like camouflage or plaid. For a sports-loving teenage boy, choose sheet sets depicting a logo of their favorite sports team. The other important dorm furniture is the desk. Choose a versatile desk complete with multiple storage drawers, a huge desk surface and accessorize with a desk organizer. Add custom graphics, objects and other personalized items on the desk as a personal touch. For a cozy touch to the dorm room, you could also add other furniture like a beanbag chair, lounge chairs and coffee table for entertaining friends.
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