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Forecast of the development prospects of the humanized smart bathroom market

by:KingKonree     2021-05-21

The special feature of bathroom products is that it is one of the household products with the highest concentration of product use and experience. A comfortable and eye-catching bathtub is as important to a family as the status of a sofa and a bed.

For the future changes in sanitary products, many sanitary ware manufacturers have stated that with the improvement of people’s consumption levels, modern sanitary products not only meet the needs of residents’ lives, but also in the entire residential areas, public places, office facilities, Hotels, hotels, leisure areas, etc. all have demand for bathroom products. The competition of modern sanitary products will become more and more fierce. The large-scale application of various high-tech means and art and culture has become an inevitable trend and selling point of sanitary products.

A few years ago, many foreigners would lament that the 'convenience' of the bathroom in Chinese families was too 'inconvenient'. Nowadays, the bathroom space has become the focus of our home decoration, and some well-known brands of intelligent automatic toilets have entered ordinary households. Innovative designs such as Eagle Sanitary Ware's non-flushing urinals, Angel angle series suites, gamma integrated bathroom cabinets, barrier-free bathroom products, etc., are all products that integrate humanization and intelligence.

The trend of simplicity has affected the overall decoration of the room and the development of the bathroom, so the bathroom equipment has often become 'simple' and 'convenient'. The sink no longer blindly pursues the luxury of marble countertops; the toilet is no longer bulky and bulky; more and more rational consumers will not ignore the area of u200bu200btheir own bathroom, but install a large bathtub or shower room full of style.

Imitate the two-pronged approach of home appliance marketing stores.

Since sanitary ware is considered to be quite close to the home appliance industry in terms of brand attributes, product connotation and added value, and after-sales service, it is often It was compared with the home appliance industry. In recent years, the sanitary ware industry has also begun to absorb more and more advanced marketing concepts and practices from other industries such as home appliances. This is mainly manifested in increasing advertising investment to end consumers, focusing on after-sales services, absorbing cross-industry marketing management talents, and focusing on manufacturers. And the training of dealers.

The sales advantage of hypermarkets is first reflected in the fact that they have a fixed target audience and a relatively stable flow of people. This is also the primary reason why companies choose to enter the stores.

But just like KFC and McDonald’s opened stores near department stores, and Midea Gree opened its specialty stores in front of Gome Suning, independent specialty stores in the sanitary ware industry began to bloom everywhere in front of home furnishing stores.

From Kohler and Wrigley next to the Red Star Macalline, Lejia next to the Building Materials Economic and Trade Building, and Kai Lema Sanitary Ware next to the unexpected home opened flagship stores, this kind of next to the home furnishing hypermarket The practice of opening a store is becoming a new trend in the industry. According to analysis by industry insiders, opening a flagship store next to a store can take advantage of the popularity of the store to drive sales, and its brand promotion effect is very obvious.

It is worth mentioning that network marketing strategy has become one of the most promising marketing models for many sanitary ware companies. Yin Bo, general manager of Beijing Dazhongsi Lanjinglijia, believes that this marketing model not only effectively reduces operating costs, but also is a successful attempt in terms of product popularity, reputation, and communication effects. .

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