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FRP cooling tower performs regular attention to

by:KingKonree     2020-12-09

FRP Cooling Tower Maintenance and Control parts:

Sprinkler Pipe:

The sprinkler pipe should be clean without stoppage. Release the set screw on sprinkler device, after that discard sprinkler pipe and clean the device. Keep align the dot mark on sprinkler head and reinstall it.

Sprinkler Head:

If the Sprinkler Head may be slow down or Stop to stuck, Release free the set screw on the head of sprinkler and loosen the nut,washer and clean it from fresh air water

Tower Casing:

In the FRP model cooling tower, the tower casing is do not want for coating. If its becomes soiled, erase it with soap or a water-soaked piece of cloth and then wash it thoroughly with water.

Water Basin:

Avoid the dust and dirt to get in the water basin at the bottom of drop in tank from time to time and keep the tank clean so that the strainer mesh will not be clogged.


Thers is no specialized care for the quality of water control during machine operating time.


Watch the surface of the blades carefully and maintained well the internal wall of tower casing and the tip of blades.


Periodically recoat the metal parts as they specified for rusting.

Importance of Clean Operation:

Cause of Temperature problem,the Timber Cooling Tower materials must be kept very neat and clean. Avoid process of cooling tower will guide with that higher than water temperatures from results of two end of perspectives.

The Result of first system - chiller will propagate high energy because it must working at a higher than necessary condensing pressure to satisfy the load, due to the higher fluid temperatures provided by the cooling tower. Second,From attaining design cold water temperature the tower must operate longer at higher fan horsepower energy.

Regular Maintenance of FRP Cooling Tower:

Improvement of Maintenance:

At the time Every Service and Maintaining session, Change the exist or bad parts can increase performance of Frp cooling tower with today's technology. This Upgradation will increase the performance of energyconservation,good maintenance,restore the right condition.

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