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Hollywood sexy bathtub enjoy the most comfortable bath

by:KingKonree     2021-05-17

When you first see it, you will definitely be attracted by its appearance, saying that it is a bathtub rather than a jade tub. If you think it is nothing more than gorgeous appearance, then you are very wrong. This Hollywood sexy bathtub is a real high-tech product, it can let your body enjoy the most comfortable bath. There are many air jet devices at the bottom of the bathtub, filling your bathtub with foam, which can open your skin pores by bursting the foam.

Infrared radiation in the bathtub can stimulate cell tissue and enhance blood circulation. In addition, this bathtub can also provide whirlpool massage, provide speakers to play music, provide lighting and other functions, allowing you to spend a good time again and again in the bathing process. (Welcome to pay attention to our WeChat public account: Jiuzheng Ceramic Sanitary Ware Net or Jiuzhengtaoci, **new** professional industry information, investment agent joining information will continue to be sent to you to help you develop your career!)

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