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how my 90-year-old mother fixed thetoilet, or, what to do when your toilet stops up

by:KingKonree     2020-10-17
Today is Thanksgiving weekend. My elderly mother who lives in her own apartment in the same apartment building with me suffered a disaster!
She has guests from other places, and the toilet has stopped! Water (
Dirty water)
Poured out of the flooded toilet on the bathroom floor. \"What to do? What to do? \" she cried.
The toilet was blocked and we all hated it.
We all want the plug fixed. up toilet.
Both my brothers and I tried to drop the toilet with a piston. No go, no good.
I called and wanted a plumber. No dice.
I must have left in my twenties. five messages;
My call for help was unanswered.
It looks like we\'re on our own!
In the meantime, back to the camp, my mother, aunt and myself helped clean up the dirt on the bathroom floor.
We can\'t leave like this.
We warn all close people not to use the toilet and send all the people who need the upstairs facilities to my apartment and switch to my toilet.
What a nasty crisis when this place is full of guests!
We ignored the stop.
Go to the toilet as much as we can.
We went on and tried to enjoy our celebrations and family games.
In the middle of one of our favorite games, the petty pursuit, mom suddenly sat in her relaxed chair and said, \"I know!
We all think she\'s funny. -
It was her turn to answer the question. . .
She rushed into the kitchen, grabbed a bottle of bleach from under the sink, and poured a cup of bleach into the toilet. Voila!
We can\'t believe it. -
After a few minutes or so, mom had another fully functional toilet.
Pour down the water that filled the toilet with water.
The toilet returned to normal again.
I will remember holding my breath when we blush just to see what happens.
The water flows down with the vortex;
The tank is full again, where we are--
Once again, a clean, fully usable toilet. The polugged-
The toilet is fixed! Just like that. Awesome.
I have used this trick more than once since to build a stop toilet.
A cup of bleach is much cheaper and much faster than a plumber!
For my mother\'s generation, this is one thing I sincerely admire.
These women know how to take advantage of everything they have.
I often learn something new from my mother.
I don\'t mind passing these tips on to you, hopefully they will help you when you \"need them! A plugged-
Going to the toilet is not a joke for anyone.
Later I found out that the reason why the toilet stopped at first was toilet paper.
Everything else goes through the pipe, no problem, but toilet paper often causes the pipe to clog.
Bleach can actually dissolve toilet paper and let it go through the pipe.
The reason for using only one cup of bleach is that bleach can be harmful to the pipe;
Depending on what kind of pipe you have, it corrupts them.
So it\'s wise to use this method of clearing and stopping
Go to the toilet wisely.
It is also wise not to flush sanitary napkins or tampons off the toilet after use.
This will also lead to a stop-
Toilet, bleach may not be strong enough to fix it.
The \"bleach trick\" My mom taught me only works in the toilet.
This is because it dissolves the paper. With slow-
Drain or stop-
Sink or tub, the problem is usually hair!
The most effective thing about this is DRANO.
I\'m not saying that because DRANO sponsored a game.
This is true.
I tried it all. -
Walmart store brand liquid plumber Delano. . .
Drano did the best job for me.
Stick with it if you use a drain cleaner.
Don\'t stay.
Different types of excessesthe-
Counter Drain cleaners have different active elements that interact with each other!
Don\'t try a brand, try a different brand if it doesn\'t work.
Or, don\'t try home remedies and try commercial products if that doesn\'t work.
Stick to whatever you start doing and try again.
What I did was if Drano didn\'t work for the first time, I would try again and use more products than instructed to tell me.
This is usually effective.
If not, again. . .
The third treatment will either solve the problem or it\'s time to give in and call the plumber! Always, always. . .
Read the instructions first! Always, always. . .
Store drain cleaning products safe away from children!
You don\'t need me to tell you, I know.
Anyway, I have to say. . .
The children are very good at getting to places you think are out of reach.
I found two.
One year old twin, I stood on the washing machine looking after the kids, took everything out of the cupboard above the washing machine and threw it on the floor!
How did they do it?
By dragging a Hot Wheel, standing at the top of the Hot Wheel, use it as a ladder and board the top of the washing machine! Kids!
Carry bleach with you in case the toilet is blocked. It works!
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