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I gritted my teeth with 100,000 installed 110 square meters in three rooms and two halls. After reading it, my parents no longer rush me to find someone!

by:KingKonree     2021-06-28

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I’m in 90 years, and I’ve been working for four or five years. Everyone understands the job of a programmer. I deal with code all the time. The salary is good but I don’t have time to find someone. I don’t. Anxious, I feel that when I am young, I still need to work hard, and I can't let girls accompany me to endure hardships. Relying on my own efforts, I bought a house in a third-tier city at home, and found a designer for half a 100,000 yuan. After the completion, I felt full of accomplishment. My parents used to urge me to find someone, but now I am looking at buying a house and decorating myself, knowing that I have my own ideas and plans, and respect my choice and look for it slowly.

Living room

The overall look is refreshing and clean, with a large bay window and a door next to it for better lighting.

In the sofa area, soft furnishing is a technical work, and the humble single product suddenly shines;

On the other side of the living room is the dining room and the kitchen. A glass sliding door is specially selected to block the light as partition;

The entrance shoe cabinet is designed with thoughtful consideration. The hook and shoe changing stool are fully functional;

The light-colored floor makes the space seem like It has become a lot bigger;


I love the built-in sideboards and photo walls, which are warm and practical. The American dining table and chairs match this chandelier very well.

A blackboard is set up here to record the little things every day, which is very interesting;


The U-shaped kitchen has a large area, and the white cabinets are matched with dark colors. The floor tiles are beautiful and easy to take care of;

The study room

It is relatively small, and it is arranged at will, and the work place does not need too much embellishment;

Master bedroom

Large floor-to-ceiling windows, with a small balcony, made a cabinet to increase storage space;


Wet and dry separation is a must, The laundry table is custom-made, and the specially extended design is very good;

The second bedroom is opposite the entrance shoe cabinet, and the lamps are the finishing touch;

The small bay window is also very good, broken flowers The sheets and curtains are pleasing to the eye.

Children’s room

High and low beds are indispensable. The designer said that these are popular now, and children like them better;

Main guard

The mirror front lamp was bought by a treasure, and it is practical. The bathroom mirror with storage function is an artifact in a small space;

The laundry table is customized, so awesome;

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