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Innovation and style in modern bathrooms

by:KingKonree     2021-05-10

This is a new solution from Cesana, integrated into the bathroom building, using two materials; the person in charge and stainless steel to create an eye-catching contemporary shower space. The steel tray, shower, is embedded into the floor, which means that the bath mat is the floor level of the bathroom. 8mm or 10mm safety glass is fixed on the tray and the steel support rod connects the two glass plates. This solution provides a soft image with only necessary, precise lines and some details. The pad can be made of natural aluminum, teak or head (an artificial material composed of natural minerals and acrylic) and has various sizes; 80×80 cm, 80×120 cm, 90×90 cm and 90×120 cm. Shower height: 200 cm.

It can also be installed with the front glass panel 80×180 cm. The program satisfies the constant demand for innovation and transparency in modern bathrooms. As part of the project, simple and elegant panels are integrated into the shower tray and enclosure. The definition of the shower space is a clean, precise line. The head of the flat functional folding seat and the steel and creative hand-held shower can be placed in different positions due to the magnetic insertion. The head is a new material that is warm and smooth to the touch, but also resistant to scratches, breaks, acid and heat. The plane meets the demands of innovation and style in modern bathrooms.

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