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Inventory analysis of global sanitary ware popular brands in 2013

by:KingKonree     2021-05-23

Household sanitary ware refers to the utensils used by people to wash or wash utensils, which are used in toilets and kitchens, such as washbasins, toilets, bathtubs, sinks, etc. The water supply and drainage products provided for them are called sanitary wares Accessories. Sanitary ware is mainly made of ceramics, glass fiber reinforced plastics, plastics, artificial marble (agate), stainless steel and other materials. Ceramic sanitary ware has white texture, soft color, compact structure, high strength and good thermal stability. Including: toilet, face wash, sink, sanitary ware, etc.

For many friends, understanding the world's ** sanitary ware brands is also a good reference method before purchasing sanitary ware. Then, let's take a look at the new ranking of the world ** sanitary ware brand 2013** with the editor.

World **Sanitary Ware Brand Ranking 1: German Gaoyu Duravit

German Gaoyu has the name of Rolls-Royce in the sanitary ware industry. It has a century-old brand and is already in the world** Sanitary ware brand and one of the four well-known brands. The company focuses on ceramic sanitary equipment and bathroom furniture. As the first manufacturer to provide a complete system of sanitary equipment design and manufacturer, the products not only conform to the living habits of the public, but also meet the personal style. The best design.

World **Sanitary Ware Brand Ranking Two: Germany GROHE

German GROHE Group was founded in 1936 and has a long history. It has representative offices in nearly 100 countries around the world. The strength is quite strong. The German GROHE brand has a high reputation and has won the attention of many ** hotels.

World **Sanitary Ware Brand Rank Three: Lejia Sanitary Ware

Established in 1917, Lejia Sanitary Ware Company is a large multinational group company that mainly produces and sells high-end sanitary ware . The company is headquartered in Barcelona, u200bu200bSpain, and its products are sold to nearly 100 countries around the world, providing consumers with high-quality, unique European-style water-saving sanitary ware products.

World **Sanitary Ware Brand Ranking Four: American Standard Sanitary Ware

American Standard Corporation was established in 1861 and is located in New Jersey, USA. After a hundred years of hard work, the company has become one of the few industry leaders in the industry. The American standard sanitary ware brand has been listed in the world's ** sanitary ware brand and the world's ** brand.

World **Sanitary Ware Brand Ranking: TOTO Sanitary Ware

TOTO Sanitary Ware is a brand of Toto Company, headquartered in Japan, founded in 1917, is a Japanese sanitary ware with a long history Equipment manufacturers, with high quality, high level of technology, and high-quality services, their products are exported to many countries and regions, providing users with a sanitary, healthy and comfortable life.

World **Sanitary Ware Brand Ranking: INAX Sanitary Ware

INAX Sanitary Ware is a well-known brand in Japan. The company was founded in 1924. The company is a comprehensive manufacturer of ceramic tiles and sanitary ware, in Japan There are production bases in various countries in Asia and Europe. After more than 80 years of development, it has now become the world's leading sanitary ware brand and the world's leading brand.

World **Sanitary Ware Brand Ranking Seven: Kaldewei

Kaldwei was founded in 1918 and the company is located in Aalen, North Rhine-Westphalia. In the sanitary ware industry, Kaldewei's sanitary ware brand also has a certain status. As a member of the world's leading sanitary ware brand, Kaldewei has won praises from consumers in terms of products and services.

World **Sanitary Ware Brand Rank 8: Hecheng Sanitary Ware

Hecheng Sanitary Ware is the main brand of Hecheng Group. The company was established in Taiwan in 1931. After more than 80 years of development, Hecheng sanitary ware brand has successively won many reputations such as: the world's ** sanitary ware manufacturer, the world's ** sanitary ware manufacturer, the four major sanitary ware brands in mainland China, and the world's ** sanitary ware brand.

World **Sanitary Ware Brand Ranking Nine: Kohler Sanitary Ware

Kohler Sanitary Ware is an American brand. The company was established in 1823. Brought to the field of bathroom manufacturing. Today, the Kohler brand has become the most familiar sanitary ware brand for consumers, and has been included in the world’s most advanced sanitary ware brand in the early years.

World **Sanitary Ware Brand Ranking Ten: Hansgrohe

Founded in Germany in 1901, Hansgrohe is a large multinational company that produces showers, Professional brands of faucets and sewage products have strong scientific and technological strength and product research and development capabilities. As the world's leading brand, Hansgrohe has long been listed as one of the world's leading sanitary ware brands and one of the world's leading brands.

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