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Is the price of acrylic countertops expensive? How much is the price of acrylic countertops

by:KingKonree     2021-05-05

  Acrylic countertops are very popular due to their very good pressure resistance and easy cleaning, etc., so what is the price of acrylic countertops? How about acrylic countertops? Our daily lives How to maintain acrylic countertops in China? Let's take a look at it together.

  Is the acrylic countertop expensive? What is the price of the acrylic countertop?

  Pure Acrylic

   First of all, let’s introduce the price of pure acrylic. In the domestic market, pure acrylic cabinet countertops are generally imported from imported brands. The most common ones are: South Korea’s Sanxingrong, American DuPont Corian, South Korea’s LG Holmes, etc. The acrylic cabinet countertops of these brands are the most professional in the world. Of course, the price of artificial stone is not cheap. The cheapest price is 1500-1800 yuan/meter, and the expensive price is as high as 3000-4000 yuan/meter. Its cost performance is not high. For ordinary consumers, it is recommended not to choose it. .

  composite acrylic

  composite acrylic cabinet countertops are more common in the market, and the price is relatively moderate. The acrylic content of the composite acrylic cabinet countertops accounts for the overall material content Between 15% and 20% of the ratio, generally domestic brands are the main products. However, due to the strong development potential of the acrylic cabinet countertop market, there are more inferior acrylic stones in the market, which makes us must be very careful when choosing Be cautious to prevent being deceived. The price of high-end composite acrylic cabinet countertops on the market is generally 800-1100 yuan/square meter. It can be appropriately selected according to actual needs.

The price of    man-made stone: 400 yuan per square meter, which is calculated in total, and the price of more than 40 centimeters is calculated as a straight meter. Fifteen to twenty centimeters are counted as one-third of a meter without extension, and fifteen centimeters or less is counted as one-quarter.

How about   acrylic countertops

  Acrylic countertops are made of acrylic (PMMA) as the matrix and superfine aluminum hydroxide as the filler. It is artificial stone A kind of countertop. Acrylic countertops have higher hardness, better toughness, can be bent, and have excellent weather resistance and mechanical properties, will not produce natural cracks in the case of large temperature differences, and acrylic has high transparency and transparency. The light rate reaches 92%, and it has the reputation of 'plastic crystal'.

   Compared with other materials, acrylic cabinet countertops can better ensure the integrity of the countertops, giving us a more comfortable and smooth visual experience, and effectively avoiding the infiltration of external dirt, bringing us More convenient kitchen use. The disadvantage is that its wear resistance and heat resistance can better meet the requirements. When it exceeds a certain endurance capacity, it is easy to cause the overall table to burst and produce cracks, which also requires us to pay more attention during use.

  1. Advantages: At present, the acrylic countertops used in the cabinet industry are made of seamless splicing, which is easy to repair even if there is a problem. At the same time, the acrylic countertops are also easy to maintain and easy to clean.

  2. Disadvantages: The hardness of acrylic countertops is slightly worse than that of quartz stone, such as rough objects rubbing on the countertops, which can easily damage the brightness of the countertops. The composite acrylic is resistant to high temperature to 90 degrees, and the pure acrylic is resistant to high temperature of 120 degrees, but it is not allowed to touch overheated objects for a long time.

  Acrylic countertop maintenance method

  Acrylic artificial stone countertops pay more attention to ordinary care than stainless steel countertops and artificial quartz stone countertops. If the artificial stone countertop needs to be dripped with soy sauce or dark stains, it is usually cleaned within 10 to 12 hours. After this time limit, it will often leak from the surface of the countertop to the deep, and then the care will become very difficult. In addition, a large amount of bleach and scale will make the color of the countertop lighter after the residence time is too long.

   When cleaning up, for the white light mark, you can use cooking oil and a dry cloth to moisten the surface, then dry it after 5 minutes, and then use a damp cloth and soapy water to take care of it. It is difficult to take care of, that is, the countertop has been infiltrated. If penetration does occur, ask professionals to remove stains by sanding and waxing.

  Special reminder: Do not use acidic cleaners, which will corrode the surface of artificial stone. In addition, it is recommended that consumers choose lighter-colored countertops, because for dark artificial stone countertops, soy sauce penetrates under the surface of the countertop, which is difficult to find under normal light.


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