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Is the quality of artificial slate good?

by:KingKonree     2021-05-01

  Artificial stone is currently the main stone used for cabinet countertops in the decoration market, and most families will use it. Therefore, the price of artificial stone has also attracted much attention. The price of artificial stone varies according to the type of artificial stone. Let's introduce the artificial stone below, hoping to give you the decorator's reference.

   There are many types of artificial stone, which causes a very big difference in price. The price mainly depends on which brand to buy. The upper middle double veneer plus artificial stone is about 2,000 one meter, the double veneer plus quartz stone is about 2,500 one meter, the domestic film pressure plus artificial stone is about 2,200, and the imported film The pressure mainly depends on what kind of membrane, Korean membrane, Japanese membrane, Taiwan membrane is cheaper, German Reluolit membrane is more expensive, and ordinary artificial stone countertops may be more than 3,000 a meter, the life of domestic membrane pressure is not very good. It is easier to bulge over time. The following is a detailed introduction of the price of different materials of artificial stone:

  composite acrylic artificial stone

   is a practical artificial stone between the resin board and the pure acrylic board. Compared with standard resin artificial stone, it has higher finish and better hand feeling.

   Because of its relatively moderate price and strong practicability, it has been recognized by consumers and its shipments on the market are still quite large. The market price is 700 yuan/meter ~ 1500 yuan/meter.

The price of    calcium carbonate artificial stone

   This is the lowest-end artificial stone, without acrylic component, and calcium carbonate powder is added to the unsaturated resin to replace aluminum hydroxide. Calcium carbonate is a substance that easily reacts with acid and alkali. Soy sauce and vinegar required for daily cooking also contain acid and alkali components. What will happen to the surface of this stone after a long time of use? Everyone must know.

  Pure acrylic artificial stone price

   was first developed by American DuPont. Because it does not contain any other resins and uses ultra-fine aluminum hydroxide and natural pigments, the aging process is slow, and the original quality can be maintained after many years of use. Bright, non-yellowing, not easy to crack, heat-resistant, and impact-resistant.

The word 'pure' in    pure acrylic means that the composition of the base material is 100% acrylic. Judging from the content of the entire artificial stone, the composition of acrylic only accounts for 40%, and the other 60%. Occupied by aluminum hydroxide, resin, and pigments.

   Due to the high technology and equipment requirements of manufacturers, and the cost of raw materials is higher than other products, the market price has always been high. The price of imported products on the market is around 2500. The domestic ones are also above 1,500 yuan. DuPont Corian's market price: 2100 yuan/meter ~ 3500 yuan/meter. They only distribute goods to high-end brand cabinets, that is, they can only buy them in high-end cabinet brand stores. Such as the Da Vinci cabinet from Italy.

   artificial quartz stone price

   The definition of artificial quartz stone: It is made of more than 90% natural quartz and about 10% It is composed of mineral pigments, resins and other additives. It is a plate processed by high-temperature, high-pressure, and high-vibration press production methods. Its texture is harder and more compact, and has the characteristics of wear resistance, pressure resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, and anti-permeability that other decorative materials can't match.

  General artificial quartz stone: 700 yuan/meter-1500 yuan/meter

 The best artificial quartz stone is Cyrelite: ranging from 2180 to 3980/meter


   resin board artificial stone price

   most artificial stone products on the market fall into this category. Because the production scale, technology, technology, equipment, etc. of the manufacturers are very different, the raw materials selected are different in quality, resulting in the unequal product cost, which directly affects the price and quality of the product. The market price is about 400-700 yuan/meter.

  After reading the above article introduction, I hope it will help you in your life.

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