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It's amazing! The hair dryer can still be used like this...

by:KingKonree     2021-06-28

Hair dryer is a must-have small household appliance for many households. Some people may only use hair dryer to blow their hair. In fact, there are many other uses...

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13 magical uses of hair dryers

Shortening the defrosting time

After the refrigerator has been used for a period of time, it must be defrosted once. It takes a long time to defrost each time. If you open the small door of the freezer compartment of the refrigerator and blow hot inward with a hair dryer, the defrosting time can be shortened.

In addition to clothes musty

In the rainy season, the clothes are prone to moldy or a faint musty smell. If you go out in a hurry, wear musty clothes, even if you spray on perfume, it smells very good. Weird, this problem can be solved quickly with a hair dryer. Hang the clothes, set the hair dryer on the cold wind, and blow on the clothes for 10-15 minutes to let the wind take away the musty smell on the clothes. During the rainy season, it is also very effective to use a hair dryer to dispel moisture and mold on valuable books, tapes and other items.

Open the pores during cleansing

When washing your face, pick up the hair dryer and blow it away from the face slightly to open the pores and cleanse more thoroughly.

Damp drive

The TV sets, semiconductor radios, and tape recorders in the home are left unused for a long time in the humid season. In order to avoid leakage of electricity and ignition, hot air can be used to drive the tide and prolong the service life.

Make the biscuits crisp

After the biscuits are damp, they lose their original crispness and deliciousness. They can be blown with hot air for a while, and they will be as crisp as new after cooling.

Prevent lens mildew

If the weather is cloudy and rainy for many days, after taking out the camera, use a hair dryer to dry the box first, and then put the camera in to prevent lens mildew change. When printing and placing photos, use a hair dryer to gently blow dry the damp photographic paper.

Hair care

Use a hair dryer to gently blow hot air on the head every day, and at the same time use the other hand to comb the hair from front to back, and then massage it to improve the scalp capillary The function of blood vessels makes the blood flow smoothly and increases the nutrition of the scalp.

Quick drying shoes

The shoes of people who are prone to sweating are always wet, which not only affects the comfort of wearing, but also causes mold infection in severe cases. When wearing shoes, You can use a hair dryer to blow into the shoes for a while, which will not only make the shoes drier and more comfortable to wear, but also have the effect of killing mold and athlete's foot, and prevent feet from being worn out. (Remember, the air vent must not exceed the shoe opening, and blow the air at a distance.)

Dust the keyboard

When the computer is off, use a hair dryer to blow the keyboard and hide it. Dust, hair and fines in the gap and under the keys will be blown out.

Defogging on the bathroom mirror surface

After taking a shower, the bathroom mirror surface is blurred due to the water vapor. When you blow your hair with a hair dryer, you can blow on the mirror by the way, and the water mist will disappear immediately. .

Bake clothes for your baby in winter

When you get up, your baby’s clothes are cool. Mothers usually bake the clothes before putting them on. The baby wets shoes and pants. Can be temporarily dried with a hair dryer.

Apply the double-sided tape hooks ingeniously

Use a hair dryer to heat the wall where the double-sided tape hooks are hung until the head is hot, and then quickly attach the double-sided tape hooks to the wall on. The double-sided adhesive hook attached with this trick can carry heavy objects weighing about 2500 grams without falling off the wall.

Cleverly pull out the screw

Blow the screw with a hair dryer to make it expand after being heated. After the screw has cooled down, it will be easy to pull out. If the screw is rusted, you can dip a rag head with a carbonated drink such as cola, stick it on the rusty screw, and then pull it out after a few minutes.

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