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Kaibae Home Double Eleven: With it, you can also become a 'song god'

by:KingKonree     2021-06-29

Is there anyone who hasn't held a concert in the bathroom this year? The bathroom with its own reverb is comparable to KTV. Here, you are Jacky Cheung, the 'King of Songs'. Kabay Smart Mirror was born for this purpose. It is a 'magic' for one-click defogging, a 'lighter' for soft light and shining, and a 'sound effectist' who can play music. It has various abilities to create a bathroom. Become your shining stage.

When you stand in the middle of the bathroom, and the front light hits your face, you slowly look at yourself in the mirror, imagining that the eyes of the audience are gathered here. The joy of singing in the bathroom starts with recognizing yourself. Kabei smart mirror cabinet, the square full mirror brings a wide field of vision, illuminating your beauty in all directions and no dead ends. The mirror is surrounded by a full-frame lighting, and 2835 lamp beads form a soft light belt, which is even and soft, and clearly illuminates your beauty.

Lighting is not enough. Is there so much fog in the bathroom? It’s okay. Kabey’s mirror carefully prepares a one-key defogging function. Gently press the defogging button, the mirror surface will quickly recover and clear, ensuring that the mirror surface is clearly visible at any time. Don't let the dim lights and humid air block the heart of appreciating yourself.

A concert with only a cappella is not complete. The Bluetooth music playback function of the Kabay Smart Mirror can help you. Tap the Bluetooth button, connect the Yuba to your phone, and you can start listening to music with one button. 4Ω dual-channel, 5W+5W power, the playback sound is loud enough and will not be disturbed by the sound of water, and it is more than enough to open a bathroom concert.

Not only can the 'concert' be more soulful, it can also bring a more intelligent bathroom experience. Large screen digital display, real-time time at any time, although the concert is good, don't open it for too long~

The lights and music are already in place. The Kabay smart bathroom mirror uses a variety of changes to change the bathroom Create an intelligent and exclusive stage that is 'smart and understand you

Kabay smart bathroom mirror is participating in the Kabay double eleven pre-sale event. The second item in the special zone can enjoy a half price discount. Don’t miss it~


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