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My friend hit a few cabinets under the stairs, but I didn’t expect the benefits to be so much.

by:KingKonree     2021-06-27

This duplex building bought by my friend should be the smallest I have ever seen. The living room, dining room and kitchen are seen in sequence from the courtyard. In the red brick courtyard, there is a space separated by wooden boards to grow flowers, which is very comfortable. Between the courtyard and the courtyard is a black framed glass sliding door, giving the interior a spacious and bright feeling.

Originally, during the renovation, my friend planned to make the staircase into a revolving style. He said it was more special. Due to the limited area of u200bu200bthe first floor, I finally decided to build the stairs near the wall. By the way, I built a few cabinets under the stairs. Unexpectedly, the benefits would be so great that all the debris on the first floor would be invisible. The wooden pedals and the wooden floor on the first floor have the same texture and are more integrated.

The furniture in the room is simple. My friend also likes woodworking. This TV cabinet is made by him, simple and practical. Next to the stairs is the dining room. He lives alone now, and occasionally travels on business. The kitchen and dining area needn't be too complicated.

The kitchen is dominated by black, which forms a strong contrast with the dining room. The sink is made of sinking type, and the countertop is relatively neat and very textured.

The bathroom is behind the kitchen, and the walls and floors are uniformly covered with terrazzo tiles. The bathroom cabinet and bathroom mirror have a strong sense of line and are very delicate, and there is a storage function behind the bathroom mirror.

The shower area is partitioned by glass, and the embedded black shower has a kind of high-level beauty. The countertops built next to you can temporarily put some toiletries.

The stairs are not made of handrails, and the hollow wire mesh is specially installed to reduce the problem of narrow stairs with small area and low lighting.

The first thing you can see on the second floor is the study room. The L-shaped workbench continues the white tone, and with good lighting, it looks simple and generous. My friend said that I feel very relaxed when I work here.

Modern and simple design creates a comfortable sleeping environment, and the wooden headboard makes the bedroom more fresh and elegant.

Of course, a wardrobe is indispensable in the bedroom, and the embedded design saves more space.

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