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Professional doctors prescribe this bath for various

by:KingKonree     2020-07-07
When you will make sitz bath recipe, you will need some ingredients such as salt, vinegar, herbs, and baking soda. The salt used is Epsom salt. The main function of the salt is reducing soreness and inflammation. For women, vinegar is very important as sitz bath ingredient. Vinegar has the ability to provide relief for women with vaginal yeast infection. Other ingredients for sitz bath are herbs including yarrow and witch hazel. The function is quiet similar with salt. Herbs have the ability to reduce inflammation and relieve pain. The last ingredient of sitz bath recipe is baking soda. This ingredient is important to relieve constipation, inflammation, and pain. According to some people, it is not necessary for you to add any special ingredients other than water. However, some practitioners recommend you to add certain ingredients to the water. Those ingredients will increase the benefit of sitz bath. Just ensure that you consult anything including sitz bath recipe with your doctor before applying it. In taking sitz bath, you can soak in sitz bath for about 20 to 30 minutes daily. Here is a recipe which you can try for sitz bath. You will require 1 cup sea salt, 3 drops rose geranium, 2 drops blue chamomile, 2 drops lavender essential oil, and 1 drop rose oil. Before mixing those ingredients, you should prepare sitz bath bowl. To get this bath bowl, you can purchase it at pharmacy. The water used for sitz bath should not be too hot. Hot water will cause your sore bottom to hurt even more. You should ensure that the water used is warm enough and clean. After filling the tub with warm water, you can put about one cup of sea salt into the tub water. As it is stated above, you can also use Epsom salt. The salt will dissolve and help your healing process. You just need to wash uncomfortable areas and keep them clean. The next thing you should do is adding the ingredients above. Those herbs will help the sufferer to relax your body when you sit in the bathtub. For the people who are allergic to those ingredients, you must not use them. You have to consult with your doctor to find other alternatives which you can try. Getting sitz bath recipe from professional doctors is the best way. Your doctor will help you to find the recipe which matches with your conditions. When you are going to take sitz bath, you should ask helps from other people since many people said they suffer dizziness after getting up from sitting position during sitz bath.
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