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[Quartz stone cabinet countertops] What are the advantages and disadvantages of quartz stone cabinets

by:KingKonree     2021-05-06

   Quartz stone has a wide range of uses, and many products of quartz stone have entered our lives and are closely related to our lives. Quartz stone is a relatively common material in our decoration, such as the quartz stone countertops on the cabinets. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the quartz stone cabinet countertops?

  【 Quartz stone cabinet countertops] What are the advantages and disadvantages of quartz stone cabinets?

  Quartz stone cabinet countertop price

  The surface of quartz stone is smooth and textured, and it also has the luster of natural stone. Quartz stone contains 94% quartz. Quartz is a natural mineral whose hardness is second only to diamond. There are many sharp tools in the kitchen, and the decoration countertop must be able to resist the scraping of sharp tools such as knives and shovel, otherwise it will affect the use and appearance. Therefore, using quartz stone as the countertop of the cabinet cannot be more suitable. This price is more than 300 meters, pure white and natural stone texture.

  Quartz stone is made under vacuum conditions and is a dense and non-porous composite material. Therefore, it has certain advantages in terms of waterproofing, and its corrosion resistance to acid and alkali is better than other materials. Daily sewage and other liquids will not penetrate, and only need to be wiped with clean water to clean, without spending a lot of cleaning time. The market price of quartz stone cabinet countertops in the picture is more than 500 one meter. The granite series countertops are not cleaned frequently and will not look very dirty. It is more suitable for friends who don't like to clean up.

The surface of    quartz stone is treated, it will not look old after a long time, will not yellow or change color, and it will always maintain a bright and beautiful surface. Moreover, quartz crystal is a refractory and high temperature resistant material, which is particularly important in the kitchen, and it is also the most important reason for being optimistic. Quartz stone is produced and purified through layers of processes. The natural quartz crystal does not contain any metal impurities that may cause radiation, so it can be directly in contact with food, so there is no need to worry about radiation damage to health. Quartz stone material is the best choice for cabinet countertops. This one is a bit more expensive and the market price is more than 1,000 meters, but it is excellent value for money.

  The advantages and disadvantages of quartz stone cabinet countertops

  Quartz stone countertops are made of broken glass and quartz sand. The advantages of quartz stone are that it is wear-resistant and not afraid of scratches, and has good heat resistance and can be used for large-area paving and wall coverings. In the process of de-impurity purification, the raw materials do not contain any heavy metal impurities that may cause radiation. 94% of quartz crystals and other resin additives make the quartz stone free from radiation pollution.


  1. The quartz content of the scratched quartz stone is as high as 94%. Quartz crystal is a natural mineral with hardness second only to diamond in nature, and its surface hardness can be as high as mo Its hardness is 7.5, which is much greater than sharp tools such as knives and shovel used in the kitchen, and will not be scratched.

  2. Pollution-free quartz stone is a dense and non-porous composite material made under vacuum conditions. Its quartz surface has excellent corrosion resistance to kitchen acid and alkali. It is used daily Liquid substances will not penetrate its interior. The liquid placed on the surface for a long time only needs to be wiped with a rag with clean water or cleansing agents such as Jierliang. If necessary, a blade can be used to scrape the surface retention.

  3. The shiny surface of durable quartz stone is processed by more than 30 complicated polishing processes. It will not be scratched by a knife or penetrated by liquid substances. , Will not produce yellowing and discoloration and other problems, daily cleaning only needs to rinse with water, simple and easy. Even after a long period of use, its surface is as bright as a newly installed countertop, without maintenance and maintenance.

  4. Incombustible quartz crystal is a typical refractory material. Its melting point is as high as 1300 degrees. The quartz stone made of 94% natural quartz is completely flame retardant and will not burn due to exposure to high temperatures. It has unmatched high temperature resistance characteristics such as artificial stone and other countertops.

  5. The surface of the non-toxic and non-radiation quartz stone is smooth, flat and no scratches are retained. The dense and non-porous material structure makes bacteria nowhere to hide, and it can be in direct contact with food, safe and non-toxic!


   Disadvantages: Quartz stone countertops are too hard, difficult to process, and too simple in shape.

   The above is the relevant content of the price of quartz stone cabinet countertops that we introduced to you. Remind everyone that you must carefully observe when choosing quartz stone cabinet countertops.

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