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Relieve four types of worries about bathtubs

by:KingKonree     2021-05-09

The bathtub does not seem to be necessary for the bathroom, but everyone has the dream of taking a bath. Design and technology are advancing. The problems and doubts encountered when buying and using bathtubs in the early years have now been further resolved. Re-understand the bathtub and choose the one that suits you.

Comfort: 5 thoughtful designs to make bathing time more**

1. Quiet spa enjoyment

When the massage system is working, it will inevitably make noise and disturb The atmosphere of quiet enjoyment. After a comprehensively improved vortex system, the strength of the side nozzle is greatly improved than in the past, and the energy consumption is lower. This bathtub is also equipped with a fully concealed turbine system with 'concealed nozzles' on the bottom and sides of the bathtub, allowing you to soothe your body and mind, refresh your mind and increase your sense of comfort.

2. The natural shape bathtub brings the beauty of natural enjoyment

We are not only cleaning and sanitation in the bathroom, but also seeking a kind of free relaxation, leisure and comfort, health and comfort. enjoy. Especially people living in cities are eager to reconcile the more and more stressful daily life and get closer to nature. In the past, geometric bathtubs made people unable to break away from the shackles of cement boxes. This free-standing triangular bathtub adopts organic shapes and geometric shapes, and follows the guiding principle of coexistence of nature and space, turning the bathroom into a bathroom that can satisfy people’s needs. Kind of demand for leisure space.

Special reminder, taking a bath after 9pm is an ideal way to relax. The water temperature should not exceed 37 degrees Celsius, and then you can relax and fall asleep. If there are other arrangements for the night, you should take a shower or take a bath with water temperature below 36 degrees Celsius. Do not stay in the bathtub for more than 15 minutes.

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