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Sanitary ware companies are facing integrated market demand

by:KingKonree     2021-05-20

Consumers’ one-stop shopping needs are becoming more and more obvious. The same applies to the purchase of bathroom products. The bathroom includes multiple modules such as shower rooms, bathtubs, toilets, bathroom cabinets, etc. If there is one product, one brand One style, then the bathroom becomes a mess. Consumers hope to be able to purchase the entire bathroom products at one time, and for enterprises, being able to provide consumers with a complete set of bathroom products is also conducive to the improvement of sales profits. That is, the advantage of bundling sales over single product sales.

Product portfolio

Compared with other household products, sanitary products include bathroom cabinets, showers, toilets, basins and other aspects. They have the advantages of various types and styles. For sanitary ware companies, this makes it possible to sell a diverse portfolio of products. In the fierce market competition, sanitary ware companies should be good at giving full play to the advantages of the flexibility and diversity of their products, and make good use of their product portfolio to increase the sales volume of sanitary products and seize market opportunities.

In the specific operation process, companies should use a scientific and reasonable product portfolio to launch a series of products to win the market. This kind of product strategy combination can be roughly divided into two types. One is the product combination strategy for each market segment. Different consumer markets have different combinations of consumer demand. Only by targeting diverse and changing markets and formulating different product portfolios can companies better adapt to the needs of consumers and the market environment.

The other is a combination strategy for enterprise products. The products of the enterprise are diverse. Enterprises should be good at integrating their products with resources, so as to better utilize the advantages of their products. Thereby increasing product sales and promoting enterprise development.

Combined products

China is a large agricultural country with more people and less land. There is very little space for people to live in, and most people are still living in snail dwellings. status. At this time, you will find that if you want to have a bathroom with more functions, you must sacrifice a lot of living space; if you want to save space, the function of the bathroom really cannot meet the needs of home. It can be seen that traditional sanitary ware styles can no longer meet the needs of consumers. Therefore, sanitary ware companies should make full use of creative thinking, develop multiple functions of sanitary ware, and research and innovate to produce modular sanitary ware.

With the development of society and the continuous increase of people's needs, modular sanitary ware will surely become the general direction of sanitary ware development. At present, the development of modular sanitary ware in our country is still in its preliminary stage, there are not too many rules imprisoned, and there are not many varieties, and the division is not detailed. If sanitary ware companies take this opportunity to devote themselves to the research and development of modular sanitary wares and develop and design modular sanitary wares that meet the needs of consumers in order to expand the space of sanitary ware companies in the market of com- Winner.

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