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Shenzhen booth decoration

by:KingKonree     2021-04-12

   As the saying goes, 'The slightest mistake is a thousand miles away.' I think many people understand the meaning of this sentence. The planning of business conferences and exhibitions is a little bit wrong at the beginning, but it will cause big mistakes. The emphasis is that no mistakes can be made. Now we will introduce to you the relevant knowledge of Shenzhen booth decoration, hope it will be helpful to you.

  Shenzhen booth decoration

   This is well reflected in the construction drawings of the exhibition hall. Before you start drawing the construction drawings, you must first measure the construction site size of.

   Our company has spent a lot of thought on the project of the Sansida Group exhibition hall. Due to the distance, at the beginning of the cooperation, our company carried out according to the sketches, exhibition crafts and dimensions provided by the Sansida Group. When drawing the renderings and confirming the construction drawings, our company sent three professional staff to the construction site to measure the precise plane, floor height, fire hydrants, water pipes and other positions and dimensions.

   So the construction The size is the benchmark of construction drawings, just like the old generations said, 'high-rise buildings on the ground' planning hall design, this is the truth, as long as the foundation is firmly laid, subsequent changes and development will not be a big problem

   The same is true for the construction drawings of the exhibition hall. The size of the floor plan and the height of the floor are determined. The modeling on the wall can be changed in the later stage. If the customer is not satisfied with the shape, it can be changed on the construction drawing, but the approximate size And the height is constant.

   If the construction staff at the exhibition hall construction site is not serious and does not accurately construct according to the dimensions on the construction drawings or the dimensions of some small inadvertent places are not measured, it will cause the later stage of the construction A series of large and small problems, such as: it seems that there is no spacious atmosphere on the renderings, the lack or excess of materials and other issues.

   Like some designers did not go to the site to investigate, some fire hydrants do not know the size of the location, and the customer’s fire awareness is not strong, resulting in the failure of the final fire control inspection, and then the position and size of the fire hydrant have to be re-measured. Changing the shape of the wall can easily lead to an unreasonable layout effect and increase the workload for the construction staff.

   may also delay the completion period, so the construction staff and designers should pay attention to the construction size, even if it is small , All subtle places must be taken into consideration, the so-called 'thousand-mile embankment destroyed by ant nests' is the reason.

   Therefore, during the construction of the exhibition hall, the construction must be carried out according to the dimensions on the construction drawings, and a series of factors must be considered before drawing the construction drawings, and strive to be complete, Reasonable, clear and perfect in one, the construction staff, project managers, and customers are all relaxed and satisfied with a journey of cooperation.

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