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Synthetic stone cabinet countertops introduction and maintenance methods

by:KingKonree     2021-04-25

Synthetic stone cabinet countertops are not particularly common nowadays, but this kind of cabinet countertops is very popular among some people. Let’s learn some of its related knowledge.

Advantages of synthetic stone cabinet countertops

1. No color difference, synthetic stone is crushed and processed by natural marble It is formed, and the chromatic aberration is well controlled. Such a synthetic stone can appear to have no obvious chromatic aberration within a certain range. The advantage is that it is convenient for large-area laying and maintains a consistent style overall.

2. Environmental protection, synthetic stone avoids the radioactive substances in some dark-colored stones when choosing natural stone powder, so as to reach the environmental protection standard of non-radiation.

3. Close to the texture of natural stone, synthetic stone can be very close to natural texture and color. Therefore, in some colors, the effect of synthetic stone laying on a large area is completely comparable to natural stone.

4. Excellent performance, good water absorption, structure is tighter than natural stone.

5. No cracks, dirt resistance, easy to clean.

Tips for maintaining synthetic stone cabinet countertops

Do not put high temperature objects directly on the countertops: for some hot ones Pots and pans must not be placed directly on the countertop, because the temperature is too high. Even if it is placed on the countertop, the synthetic stone countertop will not immediately crack, but it accumulates over time. The surface of the countertop will be damaged to varying degrees. It is best to have a cushion, so that the effect is better.

Don't be soaked for a long time: There will inevitably be a lot of water in the kitchen, so the glue on the countertop will be in danger of cracking. And if some dirty water penetrates into the countertop, the color of the countertop becomes dim and affects the beauty. And this will help the growth of bacteria and greatly endanger people's health.

Do not chop meat directly on the countertop: a sharp knife may scratch the countertop. Even if the synthetic stone countertop is easy to repair, it cannot withstand long-term damage. And this is not very hygienic.

Timely cleaning: There are more and more grease stains in the kitchen nowadays, if it is not cleaned in time. In case oil stains are immersed in the countertop, it is easy to breed bacteria.

Do not put dark color materials such as soy sauce on the countertop: in case you accidentally touch it, the dark soy sauce is easy to penetrate into the board and is not easy to clean, which greatly affects the appearance of the board.

Cleaning and maintenance of other stone countertops

Artificial stone countertops:

Because there are no fine lines, Therefore, it has strong resistance to paint, stains, etc., and it is easier to clean. But the texture is too soft, so you must not use abrasive cleaners. Artificial stone countertops should prevent the bleach and scale in the water from making the countertop lighter and affecting its appearance. In actual use, avoid direct contact with high-temperature objects.

Natural stone countertops:

When there are stains on the countertops, wipe them clean in time to prevent the stains from penetrating into the interior through natural fine lines. Natural stone countertops should use a soft scouring pad instead of toluene cleaners, otherwise it will be difficult to remove the white spots. When removing scale, do not use strong acid toilet powder, dilute hydrochloric acid, etc., otherwise it will damage the glaze and make it lose its luster. In order to prevent the countertop from cracking, avoid heavy objects hitting the countertop and direct contact with overheated objects during use.

Synthetic stone has the incomparable advantages of natural stone, such as large-area paving, no color difference, environmental protection, high strength, complete variety and so on. According to the current situation of use, synthetic stones are used more often in the following places. But looking at its good performance, it is not difficult to get popular among countertop products.

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