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The advantages and disadvantages of various material cabinet countertops and maintenance skills

by:KingKonree     2021-04-25

   In home life, cabinets are used more frequently than furniture, and cabinets are the most dirty and difficult to maintain are cabinet countertops. Today we share with you the advantages and disadvantages of cabinet countertops of various materials and maintenance techniques to help you Easily do the maintenance work of cabinet countertops.

  1. Natural stone countertops prevent the penetration of pollutants.

   Advantages: All kinds of granite, marble and other natural stones with natural texture are hard in texture , Good wear resistance, beautiful texture.

   Disadvantages: There are pores on the surface of natural stone, easy to accumulate grease, not easy to splice, insufficient elasticity, and easy to break.

   Maintenance: When cleaning natural stone countertops, a cleaning agent with a neutral pH should generally be used to prevent the cleaning agent from corroding the cabinet countertop. During maintenance, you can use penetrating protective agent to block the micropores of the stone to prevent the entry of pollutants, and then use the surface protective agent to protect the brilliance of the countertop.

   Tip: If necessary, polish the countertop with a polishing agent to make the stone show high brightness.

  Second, stainless steel countertops prevent scratching

   Advantages: stainless steel countertops are not afraid of hot, anti-seepage and seepage, easy to clean, no color, no cracking, etc. Strengths.

   Disadvantages: The surface of stainless steel is easily scratched and easily reacts with air.

   Maintenance: In view of its easy oxidation characteristics, it is necessary to pay attention to the use of neutral detergent when cleaning, and less contact with alkaline substances. When various acids or bleaching agents are attached, rinse them with water immediately, and then wash with neutral detergent.

   Tip: The stainless steel countertops need to pay attention to prevent scratching. After scratches, they cannot be removed. Therefore, do not use steel wool to scrub.

  3. No water ingress is allowed on the countertop of the fireproof board

   Advantages: The fireproof board has the advantages of light weight, high strength and fire resistance.

   Disadvantages: There are very few fireproof boards used as cabinet countertops. The main reason is poor moisture resistance and easy deformation of countertops. Improper workmanship, installation or use will cause damage to the table top and joints, causing water to enter and deform the table top.

  Maintenance: When using fireproof board countertops, pay special attention to not soaking. When cleaning, first wipe it with a cloth dipped in water and detergent several times, and then dry it.

   Comment: Cabinet countertops of different materials have different advantages and disadvantages and maintenance skills. We need to master the correct maintenance methods to make the cabinets have a long service life. We will share the advantages and disadvantages of various material cabinet countertops and maintenance skills here for the time being, hoping to help you maintain your home cabinet countertops.

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