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The development of ceramic sanitary ware is diversified. Chinese retro leads the fashion trend

by:KingKonree     2021-05-08

'There is no trend in fashion, but it is constantly changing with people's needs.' said a well-known bathroom brand distributor. According to dealers, nowadays, ceramic sanitary wares no longer have that kind of fashion trend dominated by certain brands and styles. Instead, they are replaced by colorful and diversified products.

■Diversified forms to meet different needs

In fact, the popular trend of ceramic sanitary products is a topic that is discussed every quarter. As the classification is different, the trend is also different. According to the appearance classification, ceramic sanitary products can be divided into nostalgic and conservative types; in terms of performance, there are environmental protection, energy saving, antistatic and so on. There are too many types. Recently, the reporter visited the major home furnishing stores in Xi'an and found that ceramic sanitary ware products showed diversified forms. Simple and ordinary traditional products still occupy a place in the market. Bold and fashionable designs also occupy part of the market.

Humanization is the fundamental appeal of design. Bathroom products are particularly prominent. The inlaid bathtub is one of the humanized designs, in which the bathtub is embedded in a wall of a certain height. The bathtub is not only the concept of bathing the whole body, but also a small amount of water can be put in to wash your feet or other items. At the same time, children can sit in the bathtub and play in the water.

■The price of Chinese antique products is high

The style-oriented ceramic sanitary ware products are among the popular trends, but the content of the style is constantly changing with the needs of consumers. Chinese antique-style ceramic sanitary products are simple and elegant, with a strong Chinese taste, and are quite popular among consumers. Usually ceramic sanitary products of this style are matched with solid wood, and the bathroom cabinets are mostly oak with better waterproof performance. According to the sales staff, this style of bathroom products are mid-to-high-end products, and the price of small size is more than 5,000 yuan. Because of the solid wood texture and exquisite craftsmanship, the price is always high.

The pure appearance allows ceramics to give designers more room for imagination. Making a fuss on the ceramic surface of toilets and other sanitary wares not only brings visual enjoyment to consumers, but also greatly increases the value of sanitary products. 'The pursuit of otherworldly taste is expensive.' The sales staff of Ideal Sanitary Ware said that products with these designs and colors have no difference in the use of functions from ordinary products, only the difference in appearance, but the price is much higher.

■Bathroom products continue to increase added value

'Surfing Tuina bathtub is currently the more popular ceramic bathroom product.' The reporter found after visiting several ceramic bathroom distributors. The surf massage bathtub can be regarded as a luxury product. There are massage eyes in the bathtub, and you can enjoy massage, surfing, bubble bath and other automatic bathing. It is a high-end product with a good name. Usually the price of this kind of small bathtub is more than 6000 yuan. Some bathtubs are still pursuing added value, with built-in radio and 9-inch waterproof LCD TVs, and the price is also 10,000 to 30,000 yuan.

I am used to seeing square ceramic products, and nowadays products with different shapes are constantly enriching the ceramic market. In order to allow ceramic products to penetrate into every space of life, designers are constantly exploring and shaping hard ceramic products into people's ideal styles. Ingot-style ceramic basins, bright tile surfaces, geometric products, circular or irregular shaped bathtubs, etc., bring more imagination to people's lives.

The new sanitary wares do a lot of 'face-saving' efforts

Nowadays, sanitary ware design is really well-known. From the moment you see it, it will provoke you and seduce you. , Let your heart move around until you undress and untie your body and 'accept your body'-how can it be considered a successful design if you don't fascinate you in appearance and make you 'bath and look'?

■Product design requires a lot of 'face-saving' effort

Catch your eyeballs, and let people have a physical or psychological impulse when they look at it. This is what bathroom designers do in product development nowadays. **Elements. Imagine, if you don’t even feel it at a glance, will there be any following? No matter how complete and advanced functions, no matter how deep the inner connotation is, these will be experienced slowly in the future. If there is no wonderful impression, the latter will also be It's all empty talk.

So, whether the bathtub, basin, shower, or a small faucet, all learn to seduce the eyeball from the appearance, making you want to stop. As a result, the masters began to be ingenious, such as putting a crystal 'shawl' on the washbasin, and 'grafting' fashion elements with sanitary ware. This trick made women overwhelmed. Buying sanitary ware is the same as buying jewelry; Let the washbasin change into a flower-like shape and change into a neon-like color, so that the men and women who have no feelings with their faces facing the sky will ripple in their hearts; others will attract the sight from the lines, like flowing water. The curve, or the arc like a crescent moon, is to make you have a graceful association, and then have the urge to 'bath' vertically.

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