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There are obstacles to the development of smart bathroom, unified standards can 'stand firmly'

by:KingKonree     2021-05-13

Nowadays, in addition to toilets, intelligent bathroom products also involve bathtubs, shower rooms, bathroom cabinets, bathroom mirrors and other products. Its electronic control, digital, and automation have greatly improved the comfort and convenience of the bathroom experience. Gradually become the new favorite of home improvement. However, there is a huge obstacle to the growth of the smart bathroom industry. There is no industry standard, and a unified standard must be established for smart bathroom development to scale in the future.

Smart sanitary ware features 'chicken ribs'

Currently, advertisements about smart sanitary wares in the sanitary ware market are all over the sky. The concept of promotion does not match the function of the actual product, and some functions simply do not exist. , All kinds of tempting and exaggerated advertising slogans dazzled people. They don’t know how to choose, and they can’t understand the real function and purpose of the smart bathroom. Users will inevitably use 'cheating' to describe their feelings after using smart sanitary products.

These so-called concepts are nothing more than guiding consumers to explain how smart their bathroom is. Although such a concept hype may create a better sales performance and even a sales miracle in the short term, sanitary ware is a household item after all. As the market matures, consumers will become more and more rational when buying sanitary ware, so the long-term brand concept hype **It may be self-defeating in the end. In addition, in actual operation, the lack of market comparison and analysis due to the lack of understanding of the target market and the lack of market comparison and analysis has directly led to the difficulty of the sanitary brand to form and exert its due competitiveness.

The after-sales service of smart sanitary ware is 'worry'

It is understood that the smart toilet is still in its infancy in my country. Due to its complex functions, the probability of damage to the toilet increases, which often occurs during use. For problems that require repair, the repair rate of some brands is even as high as 10%.

According to the current market situation, when most of the smart toilets are repaired, consumers cannot repair themselves, and due to the lack of a unified standard, the parts are not universal, and many smart toilets have problems. Cannot be resolved immediately afterwards. The after-sales service is not in place, and the smart bathroom becomes a display. Especially after the installation and delivery of the smart bathroom, the owner found that the system had many problems during the use process, but because the later manufacturers' services could not keep up, the consumer's problems could not be effectively solved, which is also the hesitation of many consumers. An important reason for whether to buy a smart bathroom.

The standards of the smart bathroom industry are not uniform

In the eyes of the industry, there is a huge obstacle to the growth of the smart bathroom industry-there is no industry standard. Smart sanitary wares are also facing the status quo that existing technologies and markets have not yet been standardized and integrated, and equipment of different manufacturers is incompatible with each other, cannot be linked, and it is difficult to form a standardized and unified integrated solution.

Industry insiders said that among the current smart bathroom manufacturers, some directly use mobile phones to control home and home appliances, and some use power plugs to control the above items. In addition, some smart home products are controlled by Bluetooth, and some are controlled by WIFI. The same is true for smart sanitary wares. These problems will inevitably be encountered in the development process. A unified standard is needed as a total solution. Sanitary ware companies must focus on the development direction of smart sanitary ware and understand market development trends, which is the foundation of the market. [Follow the WeChat public account 'Jiuzheng Sanitary Ware Net'; the best news in the sanitary ware industry, the powerful way to make money for sanitary ware companies is mastered! Jiuzheng Ceramic Sanitary Ware Exchange Group: 106480952]

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