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Three main points of small apartment bathroom renovation

by:KingKonree     2021-05-16

In modern life, the modeling styles of bathroom equipment are not only diverse and increasingly refined, with various bathtub shapes, material expressions, changes in the form of washbasins, the shape of shower heads, the style of toilets, the richness and variety of storage cabinets...whether it is Choose the overall bathroom facilities, or buy a single bathroom equipment, a dazzling array of products, each one makes people love it, often people do not know which one to choose.

Three key points in the renovation of small apartment bathroom equipment. When considering the style of bathroom equipment, in addition to emphasizing one's own aesthetic preferences, space collocation, material coordination, color fusion, etc. are also evaluated Point. Bathtubs with too complicated pictures and texts and extravagant are not suitable for the bathroom space of Xiaopingshu; bathroom equipment that emphasizes simple lines can create a back-to-virtual oriental Zen style, or a neat and simple modern style.

Compact design of functional partitions

While considering the complete functions of the bathroom space, it is necessary to achieve dry and wet partitions as much as possible. The so-called dry and wet partitions means that the wash area and shower area must have A clear division should not be scattered and complicated. The installation location and opening direction of the toilet should be considered in the most convenient location. Considering the wet and slippery characteristics, the necessary items and appropriate handrails should be installed nearby. At the same time, the overall color of the bathroom, as long as the problem of clean color and luster is solved. It is recommended to use light colors and dark colors. For example, black, dark green, and dark blue are easier to feel dirty, so be sure to use white.

Reasonable combination of functional design

Combined with the characteristics of the bathroom space, so as to choose a reasonable combination of bathroom sanitary ware. Wall-mounted basins are the first choice for small-sized bathrooms and have obvious advantages in space saving. Because of its close fit with the wall, the space under the countertop can be released to the greatest extent, which facilitates the installation of the bathroom cabinet. At the same time, choose the style with extensions on the left and right sides of the washbasin, which can increase the storage space. In addition, because of the limited space in the bathroom, the shower room has become the standard configuration of the small-sized bathroom due to its advantages in space utilization. At the same time, the use of showers can realize the division of wet and dry areas in the bathroom space and ensure the cleanliness of the bathroom space.

Smart use of corner-saving design

Make full use of corners and hardware accessories in bathroom renovation to maximize the storage function of the bathroom. Place lockers in the space under the sink to store items that are not commonly used in daily life. The extended countertop of the sink can also be used to place items such as soap and tooth bowls. At the same time, the corners can also be cleverly covered with lockers, and a lot of things can be placed in addition to the beauty, which can be described as killing two birds with one stone. Towels, toilet paper, hair dryer... . Please go up the wall all. Several simple glass plates are hung on the wall to display cosmetics. Equipped with some special-shaped storage baskets or hardware accessories, it will also increase the storage space of the bathroom.

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