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What is the appropriate height of the bath mirror? What should you pay attention to when installing the bath mirror?

by:KingKonree     2021-06-26

Bathroom design, the placement and suspension of bathroom mirrors are very important. Bathroom mirrors are frequently used in the bathroom, and they also play a special role in decorating the bathroom. Not only that, but it also has a good performance in enlarging the bathroom space effect. So, what is the appropriate height of the bathroom mirror? What should I pay attention to when installing the bathroom mirror? Next, the editor will come to talk to everyone about the appropriate height of the bathroom mirror.

1. The height of the bath mirror is appropriate

1. The bath mirror is different from the makeup mirror, and they are very different. The vanity mirror is for the sitting posture, while the bathroom mirror is for the standing posture, so the height of the bathroom mirror must not be too low. If a person always bends down and looks in the mirror, it will cause great damage to his spine. It is recommended that the bathroom mirror be at least 135cm above the ground, which is more in line with the height of a normal adult.

2. Of course, bathroom mirrors are often matched with bathroom cabinets, so the height of 135cm is not a universal height. In some families, if the child is very long and develops quickly, you can make an adjustment to the bathroom mirror at home. The best height should be centered with the face as the first, so as to achieve the best imaging effect. If space and conditions permit, isometric mirrors can also be used.

Second, what should be paid attention to when installing the shower mirror

1. The choice of the installation location

Generally speaking, the bathroom mirror will not choose the position around the window . This is because if it is too close to the window, it is easily affected by the external weather. For example: windy or something, it is particularly easy to mess up mirrors and countertops. And in personal use, it is extremely prone to reflections, which affects the experience of use.

2. Make holes to protect the wall.

When installing the bathroom mirror, generally, the wall is covered with tiles at this time, so we must avoid damage to the wall due to construction Surface, especially when moving on tiles. The editor here recommends that you use rhinestones to drill holes, which can prevent the tiles from cracking to a certain extent.

3. Fixing with glass glue

Glass glue is a common fixing method for bathroom mirrors. The only disadvantage is that it is easy to breed bacteria and mold. The use of glass glue suggests that you should not use acid glass glue. Neutral glue should be preferred so that it will not chemically react with the material behind the mirror. If you have conditions, friends can also use mirror glue directly.

Article summary: The above is all about the height of the bath mirror and what should be paid attention to when installing the bath mirror. For the introduction of the height of the bath mirror, the editor will stop here. If you want to know more about the bath mirror, you must pay more attention to our website!

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