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what to consider when installing a bathroom sink

by:KingKonree     2020-10-16
You have seen a lot of bathroom sinks available and have chosen one.
Now you are ready to install the bathroom sink.
The following four points need to be considered during installation. 1. Do it Yourself?
Do you have experience in installing bathroom fixtures and handling pipes and pipes, or do you spend better on professional bathroom fitters.
Even if you haven\'t installed the bathroom sink before, you can manage the work yourself if you are convenient at home and follow some guidelines, however, if this is your first DIY job, don\'t solve it.
Stick to small jobs like putting on shelves and replacing fuses first! 2.
You may know where you want to put the bathroom sink.
The easiest place, if you are installing a replacement, is of course the old place --
All the pipes are there.
If you are planning a new bathroom, remember to leave enough gaps around the sink so you can comfortably bend over to wash your face, wash your hair or brush your teeth.
Also think about how high your sink is.
If you\'re a little higher than the average, put the wall --
The installed sink is slightly higher than usual, and if you are installing a base sink, you may want to improve it by creating a small platform below.
Only a few inches can make a difference when you bend on the sink.
Of course, you may have to compromise if someone else is going to use the sink, but usually a few inches doesn\'t have much impact on them, but it\'s a big difference for you. 3.
No matter how careful you are when you have a bathroom sink, the water will splash around.
Make sure that the surrounding surface, such as the vanity unit and floor where you are installing the sink, is able to cope with this situation.
Wall tiles are also used to protect the wall behind the sink.
It doesn\'t have to be a wall with ceiling tiles
If necessary, wall damage can be avoided with just a few tiles. 4.
Consider the mirror, if the mirror is used for shaving or makeup, and both activities require good lighting, then the light sink needs the mirror above the mirror.
Considering a mirror, its lighting is combined because there are some lovely designs that can match each decoration.
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