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Why are natural marble countertops so many pits

by:KingKonree     2021-05-05

Many friends know that natural marble has many small holes, which increases the difficulty of cleaning it. Therefore, more knowledge about it can be used in our daily maintenance. Very good help.

Why are natural marble countertops many pits

First of all, because natural marble is a kind of natural stone, and almost all Natural stone has holes (that is, pits), so marble is of course no exception.

Natural stone is heavier. When the two pieces are connected, the gap is large, and the connection is difficult. Seamless splicing is impossible; the penetration rate is also high, the stains are difficult to clean, and the elasticity is insufficient. Cracks occurred. If you choose natural stone for countertops, the disadvantage is that the length is required. When it is too long, the splicing cannot be seamless like artificial marble.

In addition, natural stone has pores, so it is best to choose dark granite when making cabinet countertops, such as Chinese black, black gold sand, Jinan green, blue hemp, etc., to prevent bleeding and oil leakage. The price per square meter of Chinese black, Shanxi black, Jinan green, and blue hemp is less than 100 yuan, and obviously you can't buy any artificial marble at this price.

How to seal marble

1. Local sealant. Using stone sealant liquid to form a film on the surface of the marble to help prevent stains and scratches, this is the most basic sealing method. Generally speaking, the use of local sealant on the floor more than the countertop may slightly change the color or appearance of the marble.

2. Dipping machine. The foundation of this sealing method is also water, which needs to penetrate below the surface. The main advantage of using impregnating sealants is that they can withstand the usual beverages such as coffee, tea, soda and juice that are woven on the countertop, but at the same time the water will evaporate. This type of sealant is usually expensive.

3. Sealants can be bought at local natural stone stores that supply bricks or countertops. You can also find it in your local hardware store or online.

4. Apply the sealant to the purchased product. Sealant usually comes with a timetable for the sealing cycle. Due to the use of the impregnator, it is necessary to ensure the air circulation in the room, because the steam is very strong, if the air is not circulating, it may be harmful to the human body.

How to maintain natural marble

Maintenance: When there are stains on the countertop, wipe it off in time to avoid stains Penetrates into the interior through natural fine lines. In order to prevent the countertop from cracking, avoid heavy objects hitting the countertop and direct contact with overheated objects during use.

Cleaning: It is advisable to use a soft scouring pad instead of toluene cleaners, otherwise it will be difficult to remove the white spots. When removing scale, do not use strong acid toilet powder, dilute hydrochloric acid, etc., otherwise it will damage the glaze and make it lose its luster.

Attached, artificial marble countertops

Maintenance: The artificial marble countertops should prevent the bleach and scale in the water from making the countertops lighter and affecting the appearance. In actual use, avoid direct contact with high-temperature objects.

Cleaning: Because there are no fine lines, it has strong resistance to paint, stains, etc., and it is easier to clean. But the texture is too soft, so you must not use abrasive cleaners.

Well, some related knowledge about natural marble is introduced here. Although there are many pits in natural marble countertops, this does not offset itself. It has the advantages. In general, it is still a relatively high-quality countertop selection material.

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