Solid Surface is a unique material made from minerals and resins developed for bathroom spaces with characteristics ideal for everyday kitchen countertops use and bathroom vanity tops etc.Solid Surface’s great mechanical, chemical and antibacterial parameters make the products that made from Solid Surface extremely resistant to impact, stains, chemical compounds and UV light. The material is perfect for everyday use and easy to care for, any damage can be fixed easily.

Another feature of Solid Surface is the possibility to make jointless, invisible connections between basin and countertops which means far less care is required to keep these fixtures clean.


100% Pure Acrylic Solid Surface Sheet



Modified Acrylic Solid Surface Sheets


Texture Pattern Solid Surface Sheets


Translucent Solid Surface Sheets


In terms of what products KKR is adept at manufacturing, as one of exprienced Solid Surface Manufacturers, KKR has been dedicated to producing different kinds of solid surface basin, solid surface bathtub and solid surface stool from premium raw mate
Solid Surface Bathtub KKR-B008
Solid Surface Bathtub KKR-B008
Hot Selling Artificial Stone Solid Surface Freestanding Soaking Bathtub  KKR-B003
Hot Selling Artificial Stone Solid Surface Freestanding Soaking Bathtub KKR-B003
Solid surface bathtubs KKR-B037
Solid surface bathtubs KKR-B037
Wall Hung Basin KKR-1378
Wall Hung Basin KKR-1378
Wall Hang Wash Basin KKR-1360
Wall Hang Wash Basin KKR-1360
Cabinet Basin KKR-1264
Cabinet Basin KKR-1264



ODM & OEM Services


1.With rich experience in engineering projects, we make it possible for you to enjoy customized services.

This  means that your ideas and drawings could be realized by opening a new mold, or alternatively by fabrication.

2.You could get 99% color matching samples,which are 
extremely like the ones you need.
3.Customized size for the solid surface sheet to meet your
special requirdment,while the MOQ is only 50 pieces.

We have been supplying for various hotel and construction projects around the world since our establishment on 2000. Including Hilton, AC Chain Hotel in US, Dubai, Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, Qatar, Maldives ect.

Exporting to over one hundred of countries and provide service to thousands of customers.