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Accord shower room: 3 maintenance tips can easily extend the life of the shower room

by:KingKonree     2021-10-25
Accord shower room: 3 maintenance tips can easily extend the life of the shower room. The shower room is a place we touch every day. If it is not cleaned in place, it will become a breeding ground for bacteria and microorganisms and affect human health. Therefore, it is also very important to clean and maintain the shower room in daily life, so as to not only make the shower room 'renewedThe cleaning of the shower room After using the shower room, you can use clean water for regular cleaning and regular cleaning with glass water to maintain the smoothness of the glass. If there is dirt, spray it with a neutral detergent and then wipe it with a soft cloth. Stubborn stains can be removed with a small amount of alcohol. Avoid acidic or alkaline solvents. The dirt on the glass in the shower room can be removed by washing with a mixture of vinegar and a little salt. You can also use toothpaste to coat the glass in the shower room evenly, then wipe it with a toothbrush, and then wash the glass with warm water. To clean the water stains on the shower room glass, you can go to the supermarket to buy a glass scraper that fits the size of your own shower room glass door. After the shower, use the glass scraper to scrape the shower room glass. It does not take a lot of time and effort. Can clean up water stains well. The yellow water stains on the glass of the shower room need to be sprayed with glass cleaner, and then wiped with a dry cloth, it will be as bright as new. The hardware accessories used in various parts of the shower room should not be used with cleaning agents to avoid corrosion of the surface. A better cleaning method is to wipe it with a dry cloth regularly to keep it clean to avoid accumulation of dirt. Maintenance of shower room 01. The maintenance of tempered glass does not require sharp objects to hit or hit the glass surface; do not use corrosive liquids such as corrosive water to clean the glass; do not use rough cloth to clean the glass, use a soft dry cloth; once cracks or damage occur, first Time to inform after-sales, replacement and maintenance. 02. The maintenance of the main body of the profile does not use corrosive liquids or rough materials to wipe the surface (including toothpaste), use a neutral detergent to dissolve the water and wipe the stain; do not scratch the surface with sharp objects. 03. Maintenance of hardware accessories Regularly clean the slide rails, pulleys, and slides, and add lubricants (lubricating oil, lubricating wax); regularly adjust the adjusting screws of the slides to ensure the effective load and good sliding of the slides on the movable door. Accord shower room recommends DA VINCI|Da Vinci 1.0 internal and external hinges against the wall, this design can save space to the greatest extent, and at the same time solve the problem of small space and large door opening, making it easier to enter and exit. Make the whole sense of space more transparent. The three-sided frame structure can perfectly solve the hollowing problem of wall construction. The stainless steel lock wall can avoid the defect of one part of the force, and the 1500mm long handle is installed on the side, and the hand feels delicate and comfortable between pushing and pulling. No marble water retaining strip design, sunken structure, height up to 2600mm, to enhance the transparency of the shower space. The black magnetic stripe echoes the overall black frame, harmonizing the color system, and visually more comfortable. The glass in the shower room can be changed according to the color of the bathroom and the scene. There are two colors of gray and brown, and it can also be made into water-gloss glass. (
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