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Acrylic bathtub installation skills are released

by:KingKonree     2021-05-21

For householders who enjoy life, the bathtub is an indispensable standard in the bathroom. The bathtub is not only the effect of bathing, but also the excellent soothing effect of bathing, massage, relieve fatigue, repair the body and mind... Then do you know the installation skills of acrylic bathtub? Don't think this is the job of the installation master If you are prepared, your bath will not be interrupted!

1. Before installing the acrylic bathtub, you should install the drain fittings and fill in the water to test whether there is leakage.

2. Before installing a bathtub with iron brackets, check whether the floor of the bathtub is flat.

3. After placing the bathtub in the reserved place, you should use a level to adjust the support foot nut until the bathtub is level.

4. Keep the edge of the bathtub and the wall at a gap of 3-5mm.

5. Use soft polyethylene or similar materials as cushioning materials for the side of the bathtub against the wall, and leave a gap of at least 5mm between the bottom edge of the tile and the surface of the bathtub.

6. There should be a gap of about 20mm between the lower edge of the skirt bathtub and the floor decoration materials, and the gap should be sealed with cushioning materials and sealing materials.

7. It is recommended that the part of the drain fittings inserted into the ground drain pipe be above 50mm, and the connection should be tight to prevent water leakage.

8. The massage bathtub must be equipped with a grounding wire and a leakage protection switch.

9. Leave manholes as close as possible to the drain of the bathtub.

10. In the process of bathtub installation and house decoration, please cover the surface of the bathtub with a soft material to prevent scratches.

11. Do not use cement mortar to fill the back of the bathtub as it may cause damage.

12. Do not hit the bathtub with hard objects during installation.

13. Do not stand on the bathtub for construction, or place heavy objects on the edge of the bathtub, which may cause damage.

14. After the bathtub is installed, it takes 24 hours before it can be used.

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