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Aloni bathroom cabinet dimension series High-grade gray light luxury beauty

by:KingKonree     2021-10-25
Aloni bathroom cabinet dimension series The light and luxurious beauty of high-grade gray Do you have the following problems with bathroom decoration? Want a sense of luxury, want to show off your personality, want to surprise the audience, but can't start? A classic and stylish solution is enough to make your bathroom space unique. Nice bathroom, color matching is very important, I heard that the bathroom is designed in this way, fashionable, high-end and eye-catching. Orientation series-A1940 Product series: Orientation series Model: A1940 Combination cabinet Specification: 1200×550×850㎜ Style: Light luxury Material: American white wax Countertop: Roman pattern fish maw white quartz stone + Roman edge Function: wash/dress/storage Storage/mirror light can be customized range: style/specification/color/material/table top/function/hardware design inspiration: the bathroom is an indispensable functional area in our lives. When designing, we must pay attention to beauty and practicality. This scheme takes the two to the extreme in a small space. (House plan) High-grade gray, as the vane of the fashion industry, is low-key luxury, elegant and refined, and has always been loved by the public. What kind of surprises will the use of high-grade ash in the bathroom space bring us? The design case of Dong Yijie, a designer from Aloni Ordos store, based on the high-grade gray space, cleverly used high-quality brass metal to embellish the drawer handles and cabinet feet, creating a minimalist and high-end luxury style. The high-grade gray bathroom cabinets echo the overall gray tone space, continuing the modern and simple style of the bathroom, full of high-end texture, rich and clean. Take 'practicality + beauty' as an important consideration in bathroom design. Double vanity tables, custom dressing tables, stainless steel floor-to-ceiling metal cabinet feet, smart mirror lights, cabinet mirror storage, etc., are carefully selected and matched to bring consumers not only beautiful but also more practical design solutions. The integrated design of the bathroom cabinet and dressing table makes clever use of space and does not interfere with each other. The space on the right hand side creates an alcove storage layer, which is stylish and tidy, and maximizes the use of space. The “color” design of the bathroom steadily occupies the C position in the home, bringing unexpected surprises to life. (
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