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Artificial stone wash basin - artificial stone wash basin daily maintenance method - Comfort 100

by:KingKonree     2020-04-21

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When we are decorating the bathroom, we have our own opinions and preferences for the installation of the wash basin. Among the many wash basin materials, the most popular one is probably the artificial stone wash basin. So how do we maintain it during the usual use of artificial stone wash basins? The following small series will introduce the maintenance method of the artificial stone wash basin.

Artificial stone wash basin

Artificial stone wash basin - artificial stone introduction

Artificial stone usually refers to artificial stone solid surface material, artificial stone quartz stone, artificial stone granite and the like. Different types of artificial stone have different ingredients. The ingredients are mainly resins, aluminum powders, pigments and curing agents. The practical building materials using polymer, the manufacturing process is a chemical material reaction process, which is a practical scientific material produced with the advancement of human social science and technology and is still being improved. It is mainly used in the architectural decoration industry. It is a new environmentally friendly composite material. Compared with traditional building materials such as stainless steel and ceramics, artificial stone is not only versatile, but also rich in color and application range. Artificial stone is non-toxic, radioactive, flame retardant, non-sticky, non-staining, antibacterial, mildewproof, abrasion resistant, impact resistant, easy to maintain, seamlessly spliced, and versatile. At present, the domestic artificial stone industry has just started, most of the emerging companies are still in the stage of learning DuPont, Samsung and Du Lijia (China) and other industry leaders.

Artificial stone wash basin - artificial stone wash basin maintenance method introduction

1. Remove most stains and dirt

Wash with soapy water or detergent containing ammonia (eg detergent to clean the stone ball).

2. Remove scale

Remove the scale with a damp cloth and wipe it off with a dry cloth.

3. Go to knife marks, burn marks and scratches (method 1)

If the finish is required to be matte, polish it with 400-600 mesh sandpaper until the knife marks disappear, then use a detergent and scouring pad to restore the original shape.

4. Go to knife marks, burn marks and scratches (method 2)

If the countertop finish is mirrored, first polish it with 800-1200 mesh sandpaper, then polish it with a polishing wax and wool polishing ring at 1500-2000 rpm low speed polisher, then clean the countertop with a clean cotton cloth.

5. Countertop renovation

Due to different reasons, the table surface has more scratches, or it is affected by the long time (1-2 years). Professional technicians should first polish with a sander and then polish with a polisher.

In the above article, Xiaobian explained the maintenance methods of artificial stone wash basins and artificial stone wash basins. We use wash basins every day. Even artificial stone wash basins need good maintenance, otherwise they will appear. damage. You can refer to the maintenance method of the artificial stone wash basin introduced by Xiaobian, I hope everyone can have a good feeling of use.

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