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Solid Surface Sheet Full Review


Everyone is no doubt obsessed with composite materials and granite countertops. But solid surface material has gained rising fame. The solid surface sheet is an all-in-one, easy-to-clean and fancy material that is getting great attention nowadays. They have been a part of our homes for the last few decades but every material, as we know, has its own flaws and advantages. In this complete guide to solid surface sheets, we are going to talk in detail about it and will also elaborate on its major pros and cons.

What are Solid Surface Sheets?

The solid surface sheet is made of manufactured materials that are made with acrylic resin, polyester resin, or either the combination of these two complimented with pigment, acrylic chips, or filler. This way, it can be created into unique and pretty patterns in various colors. Nowadays, many people prefer the solid surface sheet over many other types of countertops. Especially when talking about a solid surface, the only image that comes to mind of people is a strong and stable base, but that is not how we approach its meaning. A solid surface has created a surface that is the same; the middle and top are the same as its bottom.

solid surface sheet

Solid Surface Sheet Pros and Cons

Solid surface sheets come with plenty of pros and cons, and this can help you decide whether they are perfect for you to choose from or not. We have enlisted below a bunch of pros and cons so that you can decide better whether your pick should be the solid surface sheets or some other material.


· Versatility – solid surfaces are considered great for kitchens, but they do not necessarily go great with the bathrooms. They are super hygienic because they are non-porous and consistent. The surface of the sheet is water-resistant and hygienic, which is considered perfect for the shower walls of your bathrooms or the countertops of your kitchen.

· Variety Solid surface sheets come in many different colors and unique patterns. No matter what your style is like, there must be a solid surface sheet out there suiting your style.

· Seamless look – Many patterns of the solid surface sheets can be joined with seams; the work is super fine that it becomes impossible to detect anything from the naked eye. It has thermoformable properties, which makes it easy to shape into things like a shower pan.

· Non-Porous – When we talk about natural stone countertops, they are undoubtedly more durable and scratch resistant, yet they are also more porous. For that purpose, they should be sealed properly to save them from staining. Whereas a solid surface sheet is non-porous, this helps in keeping the bacteria and any stains away without even having to seal the sheet.

· Hardness Solid surface sheet is hard and resists the growth of bacteria. They are easy to be repaired when they get scratched. These scratches can also be buffed with a hand and can be polished again. In case they are burnt, they can be sanded with fine-grit abrasive paper or with another accessory for sanding.


Every choice you make comes with its own cons; hence the same goes with the solid surface sheet. There indeed are some downsides to solid surfaces, yet this doesn't mean that you give up on the idea of using them. They can be managed if used with proper care. It is still important to keep the downsides of this material in mind.

· Heat Exposure – These sheets can be sensitive to heat damage if they are directly exposed to high temperatures of heat. If you want to install these in your kitchen, always use trivets and hot pads before putting hot pans on the counter.

· Vulnerable to chemicals – Though solid surface countertops are non-porous, they are vulnerable to strong and concentrated chemicals, such as cleaning materials and nail polish removers.

· Scratches – Solid surface countertops can easily get scratched due to their acrylic material. These surface scratches, along with the passage of time, might turn white or darker in color. If you wish to use these sheets, you must go with a lighter color; this way, even if the sheet is affected and gets any scratches, it would not be that much visible. These scratches can also be fixed by a professional working with the help of some buffing materials.

These are the cons you should keep in mind while installing the solid surface sheet. Read along if you are thinking of installing these surface sheets but are still determining a better online outlet which you should get these from.

Where to Get Solid Surface Sheet From?

Now that you have gained enough knowledge pros and cons of the solid surface sheet, you might be thinking of a good place to get these from. There are indeed many online stores offering a wide range of countertop products, yet the best among them is more challenging to find. You can visit KingKonree; they offer the best quality solid surface sheet and sanitary ware. They are offering a range of solid surface products, like:

· Pure acrylic solid surface sheet

· Modified acrylic solid surface sheet

· Texture pattern solid surface sheet

· Translucent solid surface sheet

The secret behind their high-quality materials and products is their products go through value testing and are made with the purpose of lasting longer. Their products are very reasonable yet of great quality.

Solid Surface Sheet


This was the information we could provide you for the solid surface sheet, along with its pros and cons. Everything has its own benefits and advantages; now it is up to you to choose the products you think would suit you the best. But if you are looking for a solid surface sheet, head towards the KingKonree store; their quality is up to the mark. You can also find other products, like shower trays, bathtubs, and wash basins. The best thing about them is that you can get your needed products in high quality and at a very reasonable price. 

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