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What are the Advantages of Acrylic Solid Surface?


Solid surfaces typically contain acrylic, polyester, or alumina trihydrate (ATH) resins and pigments. It is an artificial material. Most of the time, it is used to put in seamless countertops. The most widely recognized applications for acrylic solid surface are consistent ledge establishments, sanctuaries, restroom vanities, and other comparative ventures. Using the exact cutting, steering, and sanding methods as wood, acrylic solid surface can be quickly framed into ledges, shower walls, and outside cladding for structures, signage, and furniture where non-porosity and inconsistent support are essential. It may be warmed and thermoformed well into bent and formed shapes, making it as functional as hardwood. These are just a few examples of many of its uses.


• Advantages of Solid Surface

Here are some of the fantastic advantages of acrylic solid surface:

1. Antimicrobial

Since it prevents microorganisms from developingacrylic solid surfaces are helpful in medical services settings like hospices, exercise facilities, emergency clinics, and retirement communities. Kitchens and restrooms need not be mentioned here because it's used there too.

2. In accordance with NSF/ANSI Standard 

This certificate is conveyed by most strong surface brands, showing that the material is alright for contact with a wide range of food. It's great for kitchen countertops because of this.

3. Indoor NSF Greenguard Air Quality Certified

This certification indicates that most solid surface brands do not outgas any of the roughly 300 substances that Greenguard considers unsafe. Additionally, it indicates that the product does not affect indoor air quality.

4. Recycled Content with SCS Certification

It demonstrates that you and your projects place a high value on conserving natural resources by employing these kinds of solid surfaces that are eligible for recycled content.

5. Renewable

Small chips, scratches, and scorches caused by cigarettes or boiling pots can be removed with light sanding. Breaks and gouges may necessitate the services of a skilled solid surface repairer.

6. Invisible Seams

Regardless of the material used, solid surfaces need creases. Seams are either hard to see or completely invisible on a solid surface. Not only is this good for appearance, but it also keeps pathogens like viruses and crumbs, dirt, and stains out. Adhesives and abrasives can be purchased.

7. Non-Required Sealing and Painting

That is truly remarkable and liberating if you think about it. You do not need to reseal the surface every six months or worry about grease leaking through and leaving a stain that won't go away.

A no-finish coat kills the requirement for finish application, sanding, and resulting coat application, and using paint stalls, drying rooms, and other gear. When the surface does not need to be painted, it can be easily fixed with a cleaner and some wiping or scrubbing instead of resurfacing or painting.

8. Dimensionally Stable

When incomplete wood gets wet or retains dampness, the grain rises. Finishes can cause dryness and cracking in the wood. A solid surface does not crack or absorb moisture, although temperature changes can cause it to expand or contract slightly.

9. Thermoformable

The solid surface industry has recently utilized solid surfaces' malleability when heated to approximately 300-350 degrees. At this point, it has the consistency of a thick, wet lasagna noodle. The solid surface will retain the object's shape as it cools when the "noodle" is draped over it.

10. Printable

The dye sublimation process can embed images and text into a solid surface. In this method, the solid surface is heated, then the ink is shifted to the surface in a vacuum. The text and images are then permanently embedded in the solid surface's pores. After that, it can be made, thermoformed, cleaned, or daintily sanded.

11. Variety of Colors and Style Options

Solid surface is accessible in a massive swath of varieties and examples, for instance:

· Limitless strong tones

· Granite's larger particulates

· Little colorful particulates like grains of sand implanted in the sheets

· Variegated twirled and veined designs with particles that do not repeat themselves are randomly veined.


These examples are now and again affected naturally, yet incidentally, they are unconventional and don't vaguely resemble nature. Some have strands of various materials or twirls of metal shavings. You can likewise have custom tones made to accommodate your plans by sending an example for coordination.

12. Feel When Touched

Cement, quartz, and rock, which are as hard as a stone, are not solid surfaces. Solid surface is smooth and "warm" and gives a liberal hardness; It's possible that if a glass is spilled, it won't break. The glass, however, is susceptible to breaking when dropped from a distance.

13. Resistant to Common Chemicals

Trisodium phosphates, mild acids, and ammonia do not affect a solid surface. However, the hazing effect can be caused by strong acids, concentrated bleach, and nail polish remover.


• Where Can You Get the Best Acrylic Solid Surface Sanitary Ware From?

Solid surface sanitary ware is a fundamental piece that can significantly enhance the style and utility of a bathroom. You should be able to find the best that suits your needs and personal preference from the many options. KingKonree is a considerable dealer of solid surface sanitary products, so you can get your best bathroom vanity, countertops, bathtub, or niche styling items from them. Several vital components they guarantee about their things are:

· KKR can adapt to the client's specifics, plans, drawings, and images.

· In the event of damage, Acrylic Solid Surface can be repaired on-site, reducing downtime and inconvenience.

· Their solid surfaces are easy to clean and last long.

· Washbasins or other sanitary ware with acrylic solid surfaces are non-porous and smooth. As a result, they won't help microorganisms grow, develop, or multiply.



A solid surface is a non-porous material with seamless joints, so bacteria cannot penetrate its surface or seams. When compared to other surface materials that are all porous, such as laminates, tiles, granite, marble, and similar products, a Solid surface provides a designed worktop that is free of germs and dirt and is simple to maintain. You can get your solid surface sanitary ware from KingKonree, as they are the best sellers of solid surfaces.

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