Name what you want! KKR has owned its own  facility  since its establishment. In a bid to materialize customer's various requirements,  KKR has invested a lot in both human resourse and production technology, gathering a service team good at customizing and tailoring miscellaneous

solid surface products peacefully in accordance with customer's demands. All of them have been working for KKR at least over 5 years, amassing certain experience in solid surface product, this is one of the reasons that KKR has served for

many foreign customers via providing them with  bespoke products such as  above counter basin, solid surface stool, solid surface reception desk. Welcome to visit KKR's website for more information.


 Rich project customization

 Product drawing from customer is a necessity for KKR to appropriately identify what product customer is in the market for regarding KKR's customization. Production could be precisely carried out according to customer’s drawings. Besides, KKR can create mold for bath wares as per customer’s design. KKR has set up a special customer service team in allusion to providing customer with customization service, they are able to realize customer's purposes and enhance customer's experience to the greatest extent.From drawing into objectified product, KKR puts emphasis on each step of this whole process and sees each of production phase tremendously significant. In KKR, every one drived by customer's need, regards customer's voice as their top priority and try their best to accurately implement their responsibilities for customers. 

Color imitation customization

Color imitation customization: color matching according to customer's sample. What is best sample for KKR to realize product in need? Prior to carrying customization into practice, KKR's service team will communicate with customer in each aspect to make sure of zero-mistake, especially sample. Additionally, if there is a prerequisite, they could offer customer best suggestion regarding sample considering they are agile enough to spot what problem exists in samples.


Size customization of solid surface sheets

Custom size is available:

different industries or different scenes entail different sizes in a bit to fittingly comply with all as demanded. Solid surface sheet size can be customized according to customer’s requirements, when the quantity is up to 50pcs. It is recommended for customer to place size customization to KKR which has professiaonal bespoke a team of specialists and consultants at customer's service. On account of customer's requirement, they could tailor size to astoundingly perfect match.

Still hunting down to best customization in solid surface sheet service ? You will not want to miss KKR's enormously spectacular tailoring service. Welcome to contact KKR.