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Gold Medal Bathroom | Accept this guide to create a perfect bathroom

by:KingKonree     2021-10-27
Gold Medal Bathroom | Accept this guide to create a perfect bathroom For bathroom decoration, clean, fresh and bright is the most important thing. Imagine how depressing it would be if you wash and go to the toilet every day in a dull and dim bathroom. But how can one have a pleasant and stylish bathroom space? I think you should know these small bathroom decoration tips. 01. Make hard bedding. It is well known that the bathroom layout will affect lighting and ventilation, but the layout is often difficult to change. Therefore, when laying bathroom tiles, we can create a bright and broad vision through the rules of 'top shallow and deep bottom'. Sense of space. In addition, the bathroom is particularly easy to accumulate moisture. In addition to natural wind, you can also purchase a good-quality exhaust fan with strong wind to replace the bathroom air. 02. Separate dry and wet. A warm environment is easy to nourish bacteria and mold. As the closest place in contact with us, the bathroom is very necessary to separate the wet and dry. How to separate wet and dry? This requires us to install a high-quality shower room to solve this problem. The diamond shower room of Gold Medal Sanitary Ware uses automotive-grade toughened glass, which has high explosion-proof performance. The bottom water retaining seat effectively prevents water splashes. Food-grade silicone magnetic strips are wrapped around the door cracks to isolate water vapor in all directions and truly separate dry and wet. 03. Reasonable layout, good storage bathroom is nothing more than four major pieces, bathroom cabinets, shower rooms, toilets, bathtubs, no matter how small the space is, as long as you choose the right product and the right size, do a good job of storage, you can also create a neat and tidy Bathroom environment. But there are too many things in the bathroom, and it is difficult to keep it from being messy. What should I do? It’s very simple. First, buy a bathroom cabinet with mirror cabinet storage, which can increase your storage space by at least 30%; second, don’t put things on the wall in the ground. Now there are many free punches. We can hang all kinds of toiletries, bathroom slippers and other scattered things on the wall, which is not only beautiful but also prevents things from getting damp. 04. Reduce sanitary corners. It is inevitable that there will be blind corners in bathroom decoration, and these positions are the easiest to nourish bacteria, but some sanitary corners can also be avoided, did you know? Bathroom cabinets are an indispensable part of the bathroom, and its styles are also very good Be particular. The wall-mounted bathroom cabinet is hung on the wall, which saves valuable space through the way of wall drainage, and at the same time, there is no obstacle to cleaning. Wall-mounted toilets and wall cabinets have the same effect. If the home is a wall row, you may wish to buy suspended sanitary products. This will reduce the sanitary corners, and the entire bathroom will become open and high-end. 05. To install sanitary ware, and then install furniture to install toilets, showers, bathtubs and other sanitary wares, drilling is required. The sauce will produce a lot of dust. If the furniture is installed first, the surface will inevitably be covered with thick dust. Cleaning later is not only difficult, And it is not easy to clean. Therefore, in the bathroom decoration, first install the sanitary ware, and then don't remember the order of installing the furniture wrong. Bathroom decoration is not a simple matter, but knowing a few tricks can make your bathroom neat, clean and bright. What are you waiting for? Get all the small guides quickly! (
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