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Gold Medal Sanitary Ware|Several god skills for cleaning toilets are worth collecting!

by:KingKonree     2021-10-27
Gold Medal Sanitary Ware|Several god skills for cleaning toilets are worth collecting! Have you heard of the 'legend' of Japanese toilet cleaning? It is said that after their 'great workTo be honest, the Japanese spirit of excellence is really worth learning, and their implementation of this spirit to clean toilets also reflects their emphasis on bathroom life. As we all know, the toilet is in contact with human excrement every day, not only has dirt residues, but also is full of bacteria, germs, harmful bacteria and other microorganisms. Therefore, cleaning the toilet is more than just cleaning, it is still a profound knowledge. Not much to say, let's dry goods directly. Pay more attention to some maintenance items when using the toilet in daily use, so that the life of the toilet will be longer, and you can do a lot of unnecessary work during cleaning. 1. The toilet lid should be closed for flushing. When using and cleaning the toilet in daily use, the most easily overlooked point is that the lid is not closed when flushing. It is important to know that if the lid is opened during flushing, the instant cyclone generated in the toilet will bring germs and bacteria to a high altitude, suspend them in the air, and then fall on the walls and objects, making them easy to be contaminated. Therefore, in daily use of the toilet, we must develop the habit of closing the toilet lid when flushing. 2. Do not flush items that are easy to block. Do not flush newspapers, paper urine pads, sanitary napkins and other items that can easily cause blockage into the toilet. If you accidentally fall into the debris, you should take it out in time to avoid a series of troubles caused by blockage. 3. At ordinary times, take care not to place the toilet in a place that can be directly exposed to sunlight, or close to a heat source or exposed to oily smoke, otherwise it will easily cause surface discoloration; at the same time, do not use hard objects such as water tank covers, washbasins, buckets, etc. Place it on the toilet, so that it is easy to scratch the surface or cause cracks; in addition, to avoid damage and water leakage, do not hit the toilet, and avoid violently hitting the cover and seat. Daily cleaning and care are not sloppy. We often see the slogan 'come and flush' in public toilets. In fact, flushing after the toilet is only the basis for cleaning the toilet. For daily households, especially those with a large number of people, we still need to clean them thoroughly every day. 1. The toilet seat focuses on cleaning the toilet seat in direct contact with the human body, which is the most likely carrier to spread diseases. Studies have shown that 32% of toilets have Shigella, one of which is called 'Sonne's' which survives on the toilet seat for up to 17 days. Moreover, many people like to put on “clothes” for the toilet seat when winter comes. In fact, this makes it easier to absorb and retain excrement, which provides an opportunity for the spread of diseases. Therefore, the seat ring and toilet pad must be cleaned with disinfectant every day, and the toilet pad must be replaced frequently. 2. Use 84 disinfectant or cleaning agent for overall disinfection. Dip a cotton cloth with disinfectant every day to wipe and disinfect the inside and outside of the toilet. Use an old toothbrush to clean the areas where the rag is not easy to clean. The water tank, the flush button, and the edge of the toilet that are easily overlooked should also be cleaned with a neutral detergent. (ps: pay attention to ventilation when cleaning) 3. Practical tips for cleaning the inner wall of the toilet. Vinegar cleaning method, baking soda cleaning method, cola cleaning method, these methods can be used to remove the yellow dirt on the inner wall. But the baking soda and vinegar should be mixed with water in proportion before use, because strong acid and strong alkali will easily corrode the glaze. These methods are best performed at night before going to bed. The longer the standing time, the easier it will be to clean up the dirt. 4. The used cleaning tools should be disinfected and dried in time to clean the toilet. The cleaning tools should also be soaked in disinfectant, cleaned multiple times, and hung to dry to avoid letting them become new sources of pollution. Especially for the toilet brush, it is recommended to install the toilet brush holder directly on the wall to free up the floor space, and it is also convenient to install after cleaning. It is not necessary to brush out a toilet that can drink water like the Japanese do, but as long as the daily maintenance and cleaning are done, it will not only extend the life of the toilet, but also protect the health of the family. Why not beautiful! (
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