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Gold sanitary ware: PICK, a refreshing artifact that allows you to 'bath' as you like

by:KingKonree     2021-10-27
Gold Medal Bathroom: PICK is a refreshing artifact that allows you to 'bath' as you like. The first thing you do when you come home from get off work, what will you do? Ge You lie? Cook? play cell phone? I think they have them all, but as an overtime dog, the first thing to do when returning home is to take a bath. it is good! Shu! Clothes! When the dense and soft water mist gently covers the whole body, washes away the filth and washes away tiredness, how can this kind of feel be so refreshing! For a comfortable and beautiful shower experience, you must have a good shower head. So, choosing a high-quality and easy-to-use shower head is very important. No nonsense, come to the 'Kangkang' editor to choose a few showers for everyone, you must be surprised! happiness! RF13028B, a low-key household shower set, has no dazzling advantages, but the solid basic skills should not be underestimated, mature electroplating process, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant; food-grade silicone nozzles, non-clogging, easy to clean, Smooth water, soft touch, wonderful! Wonderful! RF13121B-1 multi-function shower, small details are very good, the most IN color nowadays-elegant black, love at first sight, simple and light luxury style, full of sense of quality, super large rain screen top spray, let you feel the new experience of comfortable rain , Humanized storage table design, easy access to toiletries, hidden water outlet, reduce collisions, knocks, and take care of the health and safety of you and your family. The high-quality ceramic filter contains vitamin C essence to filter out impurities and continuously provide fresh water to the skin. Beginning with the value of the face, getting stuck in the quality, come and come, Ann! Row! Good news for young and old, the RF13141B anti-scalding shower head is on the stage, fashionable gun dust, changing the appearance of the bathroom, anti-scalding main body, protecting family members from being scalded, intimate hand-held shower holder, stable hoses not scattered randomly, and truly preventing the elderly , The child entangled and slipped. The simple details reflect the humanization and rationalization of the product. This shower is recommended to old folks who have high schools and children! I see a lot of exposed showers. What can I recommend for the concealed showers? No hurry. Today, I will give everyone Amway a high-value, high-performance concealed shower, RF13107B constant temperature shower, elegant black appearance, simple atmosphere , It is very suitable for light luxury and simple bathroom style, constant temperature water outlet, no longer suffer from the torture of hot and cold, and no need to worry about family members being scalded by hot water, with knob keys, clear and easy to operate. If you want a bathroom full of style, you shouldn't miss this shower head! Qixi Festival is here, and I offer a simple but sincere love to myself, to my lover, and to loved ones. I think this is the meaning of Qixi Festival. (
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