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Heart Sea Garland: 10㎡ modern bathroom design, clever use of space to increase the quality of life

by:KingKonree     2021-09-20
Xinhaijialan: 10㎡ modern bathroom design, clever use of space to increase the quality of life. After working for a day and going home from get off work, what can be more relaxing than doing yourself? Walk into the bathroom space, unload the tiredness of the day, and enjoy the relaxation and pleasure here. The owner prefers a modern design style, pursues space storage and life texture, does not like too bright colors, mainly wood color and ivory white, to create this exquisite full-bathroom custom space washing area and toilet area with a sense of life The T-shaped shower room is separated to ensure the separation of dry and wet space, and make the use of functional areas independent and not interfere with each other. When entering the washing area, use the corner of the space to make a simple and practical storage space wall, allowing you to take the items you need when washing, open or hide, meet the needs of different items, and keep it clean and beautiful. It can be said that the most indispensable space is storage. The mirror part is designed as a mirror cabinet. When you open it, you can hide mystery. When you close it, it is a mirror. Each grid has its own items. Even if there are more items in life, this place is enough. put. The bottom of the drawer can not only hide the drain pipe, but also store spare laundry detergent, and give you a sense of space. Xinhaijialan is fully customized to enhance the quality of bathroom life in the details, and truly present you the best life state you can imagine. (
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