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How to identify and maintain high-quality acrylic kitchen countertops

by:KingKonree     2021-04-20

Acrylic cabinet countertop is a countertop product with many advantages, but compared to other materials, its service life may be shorter, generally about 10 years. Therefore, in purchasing and maintenance, we must be more serious and responsible than other materials.

Types of acrylic cabinet countertops

Acrylic cabinet countertops can be divided into pure acrylic and composite acrylic. In fact, according to the material The acrylic content contained is divided. Generally speaking, the acrylic content below 40% becomes composite acrylic, and the rest is pure acrylic. The two types of wipes are designed to not cause much difference in the use process. Because of the high content of pure acrylic, they have better gloss and color, which can better improve the grade of the family; while the composite acrylic can be integrated into a variety of Material, enhance a variety of elements and styles, create a different visual experience, and meet people's requirements for modern decoration fashion from many aspects.

The maintenance method of acrylic kitchen countertops

1. Acrylic will be deformed when heated to about 70 degrees. It will soften above 100 degrees, so it should be prevented from being applied to places above 100 degrees.

2. Acrylic polishing, if it is a small scratch, you can directly wipe it with toilet paper or a rag with a little toothpaste. If it is a large scratch, I personally mind using sandpaper to polish the acrylic. Otherwise, the product will be scrapped and the entire appearance will be scratched, which will be worse.

3. Acrylic should be scrubbed with soft cloth. Never use any cleaning agents containing granular objects, and do not use various chemical bath agents to scrub.

4. Acrylic is easy to crack, so pay attention to the maintenance of the surface when picking and placing it.

5. Acrylic has a relatively large thermal expansion coefficient, so temperature changes should be considered when arranging or fixing, leaving room for expansion and contraction.

Several methods to identify acrylic countertops and ordinary resin plates

1. Take them separately A small piece, soak it in boiling water for 3 minutes, take it out, the acrylic has no peculiar smell, and the resin board has peculiar smell.

2. The resin board contains stone powder, which can be written like chalk on the cement floor, and it will smell bad if it continues to rub. Acrylic does not.

3. Use sandpaper to polish off the surface wax of the acrylic and resin board respectively, and then drip soy sauce, and observe after half an hour; the acrylic does not penetrate, but the resin board has obvious soy sauce stains.

4. Take out a piece of sample each, cover half of it separately, irradiate it in the sun for 50 minutes, the acrylic has no obvious change, and the resin board changes color.

5. In the process of processing, there are snowflake-like fragments on the acrylic sheet, while the resin sheet is acrid and unpleasant powder dust.

Compared with other materials, acrylic cabinet countertops can better ensure the integrity of the countertops and give us a more comfortable and smooth vision. At the same time, it can effectively avoid the infiltration of external dirt, so it is a very high-quality countertop material. In this way, the maintenance of it is even more important. Everyone must not be careless.

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