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Is it better to use a sliding door for the shower room or to open the door? After reading this, no more entanglement

by:KingKonree     2021-07-18
When installing at home, if you want to install a shower room, you will definitely be troubled by the question 'Is it better to use a sliding door for the shower room or to open the door?' After thinking for a long time, still can't make up your mind? Today we will take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of sliding doors and opening doors in shower rooms. Advantages of shower room sliding door The advantage of using the shower room with sliding door is that it will not occupy the external space of the shower room, which increases the overall usable area of u200bu200bthe bathroom. It is more convenient to plan the sanitary layout and divide the bathroom space scientifically. And use. If the bathroom area at home is relatively small, a shower room with a sliding door will be your best choice. Moreover, after the shower is finished, the use of the sliding door will not make the water droplets on the shower door drip onto the floor. Disadvantages of shower room sliding door shower room using sliding door, the disadvantage is that the groove of the slide rail is easy to accumulate water, some dirty things are easy to run in, it is easy to breed bacteria, affect the visual beauty, and cause the slide rail to be unsmooth, and the slide rail is cleaned. It is also more troublesome and laborious. If the structure of the pulley is unreasonable, the resistance is too large, it will greatly shorten the service life, and the maintenance rate will be relatively high.  The advantages of opening the shower room door  Using a shower room that opens the door has a strong overall sense of transparency and a better sense of space. When using the shower, the way of opening the door will be more suitable for human usage habits.  The disadvantage of opening the shower room door   requires a more spacious space. The glass is fragile. Do not use any objects beside the door, otherwise the glass will break easily if it hits. And after the shower, when the door is pushed out, some water will be brought out, which is not completely sealed. Summary: It is better to open the shower room with a sliding door. There is no absolute saying. First of all, it is a personal habit. If you just like to open the door, it is of course good for you to open the door; but the area of u200bu200byour bathroom is really small, then Maybe it is more suitable for a shower room with a sliding door.
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